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Economic production

Homogeneous production unit

Illegal production

Non-profit institutions engaged in market production

Non-profit institutions engaged in non-market production

Other subsidies on production

Other taxes on production

Production account

Production boundary

Subsidies on production - other

Taxes on production

Taxes on production and imports

Statistical production

Economically active persons

Fixed assets

Primary incomes





Mixed Farm

Natural Capital

GDP per capita

Consumption of fixed capital

GDP - income based

Gross domestic product - income based


Inventories of materials and supplies

Land under cultivation

Materials and supplies - inventories

Non-financial corporations

Non-financial quasi-corporations

Occupied persons

Uses of value added quadrant

Analytical unit

Cost and burden

Index type

Statistical business process

Unit value

Gross domestic product (GDP)


Apparent Consumption


Coke Oven Emissions

Consumption Residues


Greenhouse Gases

In-process Modification

Incineration with Recovery of Energy

Quality of Life

Range Management


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Water Use

Current accounts

Current cost accounting

Distribution and use of income accounts

Informal sector

Input-output table

Intermediate consumption




Survey design

End-of-pipe Protection

Environmental Externalities

Waste Management

Other activities

Complete vital statistics

Timeliness in register-based vital statistics

Antiques and other art objects

Basic price

Consumer durables

Consumption good or service

Current taxes on capital

Current taxes on land and buildings

Current taxes on net wealth

Distributive transactions

Entrepreneurial income

Excise duties

Factor cost

GNI (gross national income)

Gross national income (GNI)

Historic cost accounting

Internal transactions

Intra-unit transactions

Inventories of work-in progress

Legal entities

Mixed income

Non-produced assets

Operating surplus

Other intangible fixed assets

Other subsidies on products

Produced assets

Product-by-product table

Profits of fiscal monopolies

Real gross domestic income (real GDI)

Recurrent taxes on land, buildings or other structures

Rental on fixed assets

Research and development

Stamp taxes


Subsidies on products - other

Subsidies to public corporations and quasi-corporations

Taxes (recurrent) on land, buildings or other structures

Taxes on international transactions

Taxes on products

Taxes on the use of fixed assets

Unincorporated enterprise


Vertically integrated enterprise

Work-in-progress - inventories

Other volume changes

Adapted Products

Avoidance Costs

Capital consumption

Clean Technology

Cultivated natural assets

Defensive Expenditure

Depletion Costs

Economic Instruments

Emission Factor

End-of-pipe technology

Energy Conversion Factors

Environmental Assets

Environmentally Adjusted Net Domestic Product (EDP)

Environmentally Sound Technologies

Externalization of environmental protection cost

Forest Functions

Framework for Indicators of Sustainable Development (FISD)

Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare (ISEW)

Multiple Land Use

Natural Resources

Non-produced natural assets





Water Quality Criteria

Statistical purpose


Production   1 definition

Production is an activity, carried out under the responsibility, control and management of an institutional unit, that uses inputs of labour, capital and goods and services to produce outputs of goods and services.

Source publication: System of National Accounts 1993

Paragraphs: 6.15.;[1.20.];[5.4.];[6.6.]

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