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Non-monetary gold

Non-monetary transactions

Monetary gold

Monetary transactions

Birth history survey

Other depository corporations

Other depository corporations - other

Subsidies to public corporations and quasi-corporations

External assets and liabilities account

Foreign controlled corporations (non-financial and financial)


National private corporations (non-financial and financial)

Non-financial corporations

Non-financial quasi-corporations

Private corporations (non-financial and financial)

Public corporations (non-financial and financial)

Non-profit institutions engaged in non-market production

Final consumption expenditure of non-profit institutions serving households (NPISHs)

Monetary Environmental Accounting

Ancillary corporation

Control of a corporation


Deposit money corporations

Distributed income of corporations

Financial corporations

Holding corporations

Insurance corporations

Other financial intermediaries except insurance corporations and pension funds

Parent corporation


Subsidiary corporation

Taxes on the income of corporations

Withdrawals from income of quasi-corporations

Cut-off survey

Quality control survey

Sample survey


Survey data collection

Survey design

User satisfaction survey

Classification of the purposes of non-profit institutions (COPNI)

COPNI (classification of the purposes of non-profit institutions)

Intangible non-produced assets

Market non-profit institutions serving businesses

Net non-life insurance premiums

Neutral holding gain (by non-residents)

Nominal holding gain (by non-residents)

Non-cultivated biological resources

Non-deductible VAT

Non-durable good

Non-financial assets

Non-life insurance claims

Non-life insurance premiums

Non-market output - other

Non-market producers

Non-metallic mineral reserves

Non-produced assets

Non-profit institutions (NPIs)

Non-profit institutions controlled and mainly financed by government

Non-profit institutions engaged in market production

Non-profit institutions serving households (NPISHs)

Non-repayable margins


Non-residential buildings

NPIs (non-profit institutions)

NPISHs (non-profit institutions serving households)

Other intangible non-produced assets

Other non-market establishments

Other non-market output

Other non-market producers

Real holding gains/losses (non-residents)

Social contributions by self-employed and non-employed persons

Tangible non-produced assets

Transfers of individual non-market goods or services

VAT - non-deductible

Non-point Source of Pollution

Non-probability sample

Non-produced natural assets

Non-renewable Natural Resources


Non-response bias

Non-response error

Non-response rate

Non-sampling error

Unit non-response

Demonetisation (of gold)

Monetisation (of gold)

Multiple official exchange rates

Real interest

SDRs (Special Drawing Rights)

Special drawing rights (SDRs)


Special Data Dissemination Standard, SDDS

Mineral exploration


Central bank

Financial assets

Interviewer error

Processing error

Reporting unit


Dual records system

Own-children method

Regulatory bodies

Accumulation accounts

Net worth

Revaluation account

Entrepreneurial income

Financial auxiliaries

Nominal holding gain

Physical Accounting

Valuation of Natural Assets

Changes in net worth

Financial account


Property income




Legal entities

Provider load

Questionnaire design

Natural Patrimony Accounting

Other accumulation entries


Private final consumption expenditure


Self-employed workers

Taxes on income

Birth history

Economic flows

Financial intermediaries

Flows - economic

Institutional unit

Net international investment position

Nominal interest

Reference period error

Sampling error




Direct Incineration

Dumping at Sea

Fly Ash

Open Land

Soft Pesticides

Stationary Source

Depletion Costs

Deposits - other

Energy Valuation

Natural Resource Accounting

Other deposits

Satellite System (of national accounts)

Other buildings and structures


Other subsidies on products

Premium supplements

Profits of fiscal monopolies

Subsidies on products - other


Debt defeasance

Other flows

Social security funds

Balance sheet

Capital account

Foreign assets

Holding gains

Metallic mineral reserves

Trade credits and advances

Diffuse Emission

Ecological Impact


Instream Use

Methane (CH4)

Natural Gas

General Data Dissemination System, GDDS

Tangible Assets

Actual social contributions

Current transfers between households

Current transfers from/to abroad


Income from abroad - net

Intangible fixed assets


National wealth

Net income from abroad

Other machinery and equipment

Rest of the world

Tangible fixed assets

Taxes on financial and capital transactions

Other structures

Waste Collection

Exports of goods and services

Capital transfer in kind

Current taxes on income, wealth, etc

Deductible VAT

Deep-discount bonds

Depletion (in natural resource accounting)

Double entry

Environmental Assets

Export subsidies

Financial intermediation

Forward contract

GNI (gross national income)

Gross national disposable income

Gross national income (GNI)

Household unincorporated market enterprises

Integrated economic accounts

International investment position

Land underlying buildings and structures

National disposable income

Net national disposable income

Operating surplus

Other changes in assets account

Other changes in the volume of assets account

Other taxes on income n.e.c.

Other valuables

Pension funds

Purchased goodwill

Social transfers in kind


Taxes on capital gains

Unincorporated enterprise

VAT - deductible


Water resources

Data confrontation

Allocation of primary income account

Antiques and other art objects

Area Source

Built-up and Related Land

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Central government

Chemical Treatment (of hazardous waste)

Chloro-fluorocarbons (CFCs)

Cultivated natural assets

Current transfers - payments of compensation

Current transfers to NPISHs

Depletion of natural economic assets


Distribution and use of income accounts

Drift-net Fishing

Environmental Services

Environmentally-adjusted net Capital Formation (ECF)


Export duties

Export taxes

Exports of goods

Functional classifications


General government

Genuine Saving

Gross fixed capital formation

Homogeneous production unit

Imports of goods and services

Investment grants

Kind-of-activity unit


Land Improvement


Miscellaneous current transfers

Natural Resources

Net lending

Other accumulation

Other current transfers

Other land and associated surface water

Other volume changes

Payments of compensation


Produced assets

Redistribution of income in kind account

Rest of the world account

Risk Management




Taxes and duties on imports

Taxes on international transactions

Taxes on production and imports

Uncompensated seizures

United Nations Conference on Environment and Development

Value added tax (VAT)

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