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Country or AreaSubgroupYearSourceUnitValue 
VietnamFemale 15+ yr2004ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent2.41
VietnamFemale 15+ yr2003ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent2.62
VietnamFemale 15+ yr2002ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent2.32
VietnamFemale 15+ yr2001ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent3.32
VietnamFemale 15+ yr2000ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent2.12
VietnamFemale 15+ yr1999ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent2.42
VietnamFemale 15+ yr1998ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent2.22
VietnamFemale 15+ yr1997ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent2.62
VietnamFemale 15+ yr1996ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent1.72
VietnamFemale 15-24 yr2004ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent4.93
VietnamFemale 15-24 yr2003ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent5.14
VietnamFemale 15-24 yr2002ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent4.63
VietnamFemale 15-24 yr2001ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent7.14
VietnamFemale 15-24 yr2000ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent4.63
VietnamFemale 15-24 yr1999ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent5.94
VietnamFemale 15-24 yr1998ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent3.84
VietnamFemale 15-24 yr1997ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent4.24
VietnamFemale 15-24 yr1996ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent2.93
VietnamMale 15+ yr2004ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent1.91
VietnamMale 15+ yr2003ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent1.92
VietnamMale 15+ yr2002ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent1.92
VietnamMale 15+ yr2001ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent2.32
VietnamMale 15+ yr2000ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent2.42
VietnamMale 15+ yr1999ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent2.32
VietnamMale 15+ yr1998ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent2.42
VietnamMale 15+ yr1997ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent3.22
VietnamMale 15+ yr1996ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent2.22
VietnamMale 15-24 yr2004ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent4.43
VietnamMale 15-24 yr2003ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent4.54
VietnamMale 15-24 yr2002ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent4.13
VietnamMale 15-24 yr2001ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent4.74
VietnamMale 15-24 yr2000ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent5.03
VietnamMale 15-24 yr1999ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent4.94
VietnamMale 15-24 yr1998ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent4.34
VietnamMale 15-24 yr1997ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent5.24
VietnamMale 15-24 yr1996ILO_KILM Database 5ed_2007Percent3.43


1 - Primary source: Household or labour force survey; Repository: LABORSTA. Reference period: July.
2 - Primary source: Household or labour force survey; Repository: LABORSTA. Reference period: July Notes: Labour force is calculated from the number of unemployed and the unemployment rate. As a result, male and female may not add to both sexes.
3 - Primary source: Household or labour force survey; Repository: LMIL.
4 - Primary source: Household or labour force survey; Repository: LMIL. Reference period: current - last 7 days.

Gender Info

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

Gender Info 2007 is a global database of gender statistics and indicators on a wide range of policy areas, including: population, families, health, education, work, and political participation. It can be used by governments, international organizations, advocacy groups, researchers and others in need of statistics for planning, analysis, advocacy and awareness-raising. Users will find in Gender Info an easy-to-use tool to shed light on gender issues through customizable tables, graphs and maps. It is an initiative of the United Nations Statistics Division, produced in collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

This database is no longer updated. Please visit for other Gender Statistics.
Last update in UNdata: 2008/03/21
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