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Source: Commodity Trade Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Norway2018Tin not alloyed unwroughtImport12,493643Weight in kilograms643
Norway2018Tin not alloyed unwroughtExport1,52414Weight in kilograms14
Norway2018Tin alloys unwroughtImport329,21412,239Weight in kilograms12,239
Norway2018Tin alloys unwroughtExport20,883924Weight in kilograms924
Norway2018Tin waste or scrapImport11,294881Weight in kilograms881
Norway2018Tin waste or scrapExport259,04332,779Weight in kilograms32,779
Norway2018Tin bars, rods, profiles and wireImport528,62826,140Weight in kilograms26,140
Norway2018Tin bars, rods, profiles and wireExport16,3941,044Weight in kilograms1,044
Norway2018Tin articles nesImport824,655157,834Weight in kilograms157,834
Norway2018Tin articles nesExport102,372831Weight in kilograms831
Norway2017Tin not alloyed unwroughtImport10,476592Weight in kilograms592
Norway2017Tin not alloyed unwroughtExport10,770476Weight in kilograms476
Norway2017Tin alloys unwroughtImport320,61411,481Weight in kilograms11,481
Norway2017Tin alloys unwroughtExport17,906823Weight in kilograms823
Norway2017Tin waste or scrapImport21,4221,841Weight in kilograms1,841
Norway2017Tin waste or scrapExport333,26930,127Weight in kilograms30,127
Norway2017Tin bars, rods, profiles and wireImport461,90823,931Weight in kilograms23,931
Norway2017Tin bars, rods, profiles and wireExport96318Weight in kilograms18
Norway2017Tin articles nesImport959,242146,291Weight in kilograms146,291
Norway2017Tin articles nesExport62,989905Weight in kilograms905
Norway2016Tin not alloyed unwroughtImport84614Weight in kilograms14
Norway2016Tin alloys unwroughtImport199,2738,428Weight in kilograms8,428
Norway2016Tin alloys unwroughtExport125,0452,187Weight in kilograms2,187
Norway2016Tin waste or scrapImport16,3381,583Weight in kilograms1,583
Norway2016Tin waste or scrapExport206,07125,539Weight in kilograms25,539
Norway2016Tin bars, rods, profiles and wireImport400,39821,938Weight in kilograms21,938
Norway2016Tin bars, rods, profiles and wireExport30,296158Weight in kilograms158
Norway2016Tin articles nesImport1,672,242247,063Weight in kilograms247,063
Norway2016Tin articles nesExport100,9005,750Weight in kilograms5,750
Norway2015Tin not alloyed unwroughtImport54,7533,044Weight in kilograms3,044
Norway2015Tin not alloyed unwroughtExport1,1343Weight in kilograms3
Norway2015Tin alloys unwroughtImport205,2079,259Weight in kilograms9,259
Norway2015Tin alloys unwroughtExport31,207575Weight in kilograms575
Norway2015Tin waste or scrapImport11,8321,249Weight in kilograms1,249
Norway2015Tin waste or scrapExport139,46722,181Weight in kilograms22,181
Norway2015Tin bars, rods, profiles and wireImport595,90333,585Weight in kilograms33,585
Norway2015Tin bars, rods, profiles and wireExport52610Weight in kilograms10
Norway2015Tin articles nesImport1,188,301212,391Weight in kilograms212,391
Norway2015Tin articles nesExport149,1882,737Weight in kilograms2,737
Norway2014Tin not alloyed unwroughtImport84,8533,009Weight in kilograms3,009
Norway2014Tin not alloyed unwroughtExport1,5869Weight in kilograms9
Norway2014Tin alloys unwroughtImport175,9006,893Weight in kilograms6,893
Norway2014Tin alloys unwroughtExport47,4981,757Weight in kilograms1,757
Norway2014Tin waste or scrapImport62,8797,236Weight in kilograms7,236
Norway2014Tin waste or scrapExport332,12030,093Weight in kilograms30,093
Norway2014Tin bars, rods, profiles and wireImport627,42629,094Weight in kilograms29,094
Norway2014Tin bars, rods, profiles and wireExport3,89343Weight in kilograms43
Norway2014Tin articles nesImport900,012118,138Weight in kilograms118,138
Norway2014Tin articles nesExport184,8643,618Weight in kilograms3,618
Norway2013Tin not alloyed unwroughtImport106,0724,950Weight in kilograms4,950

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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