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Source: Commodity Trade Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Norway2018Zinc, not alloyed, unwrought, >99% pureImport7,7591,068Weight in kilograms1,068
Norway2018Zinc, not alloyed, unwrought, >99% pureExport302,033,47294,184,777Weight in kilograms94,184,777
Norway2018Zinc, not alloyed, unwrought, <99% pureImport288,76483,365Weight in kilograms83,365
Norway2018Zinc, not alloyed, unwrought, <99% pureExport122,059,42538,359,196Weight in kilograms38,359,196
Norway2018Zinc alloys unwroughtImport509,91397,568Weight in kilograms97,568
Norway2018Zinc alloys unwroughtExport176,108,67554,519,745Weight in kilograms54,519,745
Norway2018Zinc waste or scrapImport28,28511,452Weight in kilograms11,452
Norway2018Zinc waste or scrapExport31,05460,531Weight in kilograms60,531
Norway2018Zinc dustImport118,07824,708Weight in kilograms24,708
Norway2018Zinc powders and flakesImport20,069897Weight in kilograms897
Norway2018Zinc powders and flakesExport885,504316,537Weight in kilograms316,537
Norway2018Zinc bars, rods, profiles and wireImport738,574152,921Weight in kilograms152,921
Norway2018Zinc bars, rods, profiles and wireExport25,668 Weight in kilograms5,187
Norway2018Zinc plates, sheets, strip and foilImport4,753,671959,065Weight in kilograms959,065
Norway2018Zinc plates, sheets, strip and foilExport70,6294,436Weight in kilograms4,436
Norway2018Articles of zinc nesImport6,990,151722,172Weight in kilograms722,172
Norway2018Articles of zinc nesExport1,050,94388,212Weight in kilograms88,212
Norway2017Zinc, not alloyed, unwrought, >99% pureImport45,34810,329Weight in kilograms10,329
Norway2017Zinc, not alloyed, unwrought, >99% pureExport237,342,03275,039,985Weight in kilograms75,039,985
Norway2017Zinc, not alloyed, unwrought, <99% pureImport275,45486,001Weight in kilograms86,001
Norway2017Zinc, not alloyed, unwrought, <99% pureExport133,141,66743,106,315Weight in kilograms43,106,315
Norway2017Zinc alloys unwroughtImport690,300165,188Weight in kilograms165,188
Norway2017Zinc alloys unwroughtExport141,035,99144,575,051Weight in kilograms44,575,051
Norway2017Zinc waste or scrapImport147,13977,320Weight in kilograms77,320
Norway2017Zinc waste or scrapExport207,477104,616Weight in kilograms104,616
Norway2017Zinc dustImport116,33230,623Weight in kilograms30,623
Norway2017Zinc powders and flakesImport45,3776,573Weight in kilograms6,573
Norway2017Zinc powders and flakesExport1,202,975476,323Weight in kilograms476,323
Norway2017Zinc bars, rods, profiles and wireImport579,443124,852Weight in kilograms124,852
Norway2017Zinc bars, rods, profiles and wireExport67410Weight in kilograms10
Norway2017Zinc plates, sheets, strip and foilImport4,207,716919,670Weight in kilograms919,670
Norway2017Zinc plates, sheets, strip and foilExport12,5473,200Weight in kilograms3,200
Norway2017Articles of zinc nesImport9,400,943986,871Weight in kilograms986,871
Norway2017Articles of zinc nesExport1,298,291164,028Weight in kilograms164,028
Norway2016Zinc, not alloyed, unwrought, >99% pureImport102,72736,148Weight in kilograms36,148
Norway2016Zinc, not alloyed, unwrought, >99% pureExport184,644,11579,781,815Weight in kilograms79,781,815
Norway2016Zinc, not alloyed, unwrought, <99% pureImport891,675428,756Weight in kilograms428,756
Norway2016Zinc, not alloyed, unwrought, <99% pureExport112,553,50948,465,424Weight in kilograms48,465,424
Norway2016Zinc alloys unwroughtImport575,383141,923Weight in kilograms141,923
Norway2016Zinc alloys unwroughtExport83,197,57835,348,818Weight in kilograms35,348,818
Norway2016Zinc waste or scrapImport13,41517,150Weight in kilograms17,150
Norway2016Zinc waste or scrapExport87,68856,628Weight in kilograms56,628
Norway2016Zinc dustImport255,169102,573Weight in kilograms102,573
Norway2016Zinc powders and flakesImport19,9842,002Weight in kilograms2,002
Norway2016Zinc powders and flakesExport1,122,584584,357Weight in kilograms584,357
Norway2016Zinc bars, rods, profiles and wireImport442,957111,018Weight in kilograms111,018
Norway2016Zinc bars, rods, profiles and wireExport41,9055,232Weight in kilograms5,232
Norway2016Zinc plates, sheets, strip and foilImport3,984,6481,014,645Weight in kilograms1,014,645
Norway2016Zinc plates, sheets, strip and foilExport36448Weight in kilograms48
Norway2016Articles of zinc nesImport6,036,360820,320Weight in kilograms820,320

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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