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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Norway2018Silk-worm cocoons suitable for reelingImport3,07784Weight in kilograms84
Norway2018Silk-worm cocoons suitable for reelingExport70546Weight in kilograms46
Norway2018Raw silk (not thrown)Import2,43718Weight in kilograms18
Norway2018Silk waste, carded or combedImport1,56440Weight in kilograms40
Norway2018Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailImport164,9424,854Weight in kilograms4,854
Norway2018Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailExport7061Weight in kilograms1
Norway2018Yarn spun from silk waste, not retailImport73,642918Weight in kilograms918
Norway2018Silk yarn retail, silk worm gutImport51,770889Weight in kilograms889
Norway2018Woven fabric of noil silkImport163,8811,036Weight in kilograms1,036
Norway2018Woven fabric of noil silkExport21,06577Weight in kilograms77
Norway2018Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import399,2064,031Weight in kilograms4,031
Norway2018Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Export10,53676Weight in kilograms76
Norway2018Woven fabric of silk, nesImport190,3251,339Weight in kilograms1,339
Norway2018Woven fabric of silk, nesExport7,584108Weight in kilograms108
Norway2017Silk-worm cocoons suitable for reelingImport2,46130Weight in kilograms30
Norway2017Raw silk (not thrown)Import4936Weight in kilograms6
Norway2017Raw silk (not thrown)Export99317Weight in kilograms17
Norway2017Silk waste, carded or combedImport3,494147Weight in kilograms147
Norway2017Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailImport12,342618Weight in kilograms618
Norway2017Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailExport6,645108Weight in kilograms108
Norway2017Yarn spun from silk waste, not retailImport29,104451Weight in kilograms451
Norway2017Silk yarn retail, silk worm gutImport36,798411Weight in kilograms411
Norway2017Silk yarn retail, silk worm gutExport1,77231Weight in kilograms31
Norway2017Woven fabric of noil silkImport81,454690Weight in kilograms690
Norway2017Woven fabric of noil silkExport6,31839Weight in kilograms39
Norway2017Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import443,3755,482Weight in kilograms5,482
Norway2017Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Export4,83028Weight in kilograms28
Norway2017Woven fabric of silk, nesImport302,3832,996Weight in kilograms2,996
Norway2017Woven fabric of silk, nesExport19,762614Weight in kilograms614
Norway2016Silk-worm cocoons suitable for reelingImport9,525186Weight in kilograms186
Norway2016Raw silk (not thrown)Import1,1855Weight in kilograms5
Norway2016Silk waste, carded or combedImport8,175136Weight in kilograms136
Norway2016Silk waste, carded or combedExport1,1921Weight in kilograms1
Norway2016Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailImport6,40669Weight in kilograms69
Norway2016Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailExport3,86740Weight in kilograms40
Norway2016Yarn spun from silk waste, not retailImport29,960502Weight in kilograms502
Norway2016Silk yarn retail, silk worm gutImport33,613451Weight in kilograms451
Norway2016Woven fabric of noil silkImport145,6771,052Weight in kilograms1,052
Norway2016Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import664,67214,630Weight in kilograms14,630
Norway2016Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Export2,42871Weight in kilograms71
Norway2016Woven fabric of silk, nesImport215,1364,193Weight in kilograms4,193
Norway2016Woven fabric of silk, nesExport52,423624Weight in kilograms624
Norway2015Silk-worm cocoons suitable for reelingImport12,160121Weight in kilograms121
Norway2015Raw silk (not thrown)Import1,54811Weight in kilograms11
Norway2015Raw silk (not thrown)Export2,92630Weight in kilograms30
Norway2015Silk waste, carded or combedImport7,18763Weight in kilograms63
Norway2015Silk waste, carded or combedExport691300Weight in kilograms300
Norway2015Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailImport29,205415Weight in kilograms415
Norway2015Yarn spun from silk waste, not retailImport15,865194Weight in kilograms194
Norway2015Silk yarn retail, silk worm gutImport80,7861,643Weight in kilograms1,643

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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