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Source: Commodity Trade Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Chile2019Pig iron, non-alloy, <0.5% phosphorusImport311,266565,000Weight in kilograms565,000
Chile2019Pig iron, non-alloy, <0.5% phosphorusExport13,6442,619Weight in kilograms2,619
Chile2019Alloy pig iron, in primary formsImport59611Weight in kilograms11
Chile2019Ferro-manganese, >2% carbonImport11,635,1669,626,851Weight in kilograms9,626,851
Chile2019Ferro-manganese, >2% carbonExport49,46630,500Weight in kilograms30,500
Chile2019Ferro-manganese, <2% carbonImport1,612,131801,147Weight in kilograms801,147
Chile2019Ferro-manganese, <2% carbonExport775,1042,392,920Weight in kilograms2,392,920
Chile2019Ferro-silicon, >55% siliconImport11,031,9648,655,835Weight in kilograms8,655,835
Chile2019Ferro-silicon, >55% siliconExport25,45615,000Weight in kilograms15,000
Chile2019Ferro-silicon, <55% siliconImport815,937877,500Weight in kilograms877,500
Chile2019Ferro-silicon, <55% siliconExport26,2867,450Weight in kilograms7,450
Chile2019Ferro-silico-manganeseImport1,931,0121,734,888Weight in kilograms1,734,888
Chile2019Ferro-chromium, >4% carbonImport9,115,0806,654,762Weight in kilograms6,654,762
Chile2019Ferro-chromium, >4% carbonExport260,455156,762Weight in kilograms156,762
Chile2019Ferro-chromium, <4% carbonImport1,477,855538,005No Quantity0
Chile2019Ferro-chromium, <4% carbonExport364,221310,760Weight in kilograms310,760
Chile2019Ferro-molybdenumImport192,3439,000Weight in kilograms9,000
Chile2019Ferro-molybdenumExport161,465,7008,630,026Weight in kilograms8,630,026
Chile2019Ferro-titanium and ferro-silico-titaniumImport1,010,316107,872Weight in kilograms107,872
Chile2019Ferro-vanadiumImport381,05011,626Weight in kilograms11,626
Chile2019Ferro-vanadiumExport181,3732,500Weight in kilograms2,500
Chile2019Ferro-niobiumImport313,04011,194Weight in kilograms11,194
Chile2019Ferro-niobiumExport5,700120Weight in kilograms120
Chile2019Ferro-alloys, nesImport676,676191,425No Quantity0
Chile2019Ferro-alloys, nesExport19,72532,700Weight in kilograms32,700
Chile2019Spongy iron lumps, pellets, etc > 99.94% pureImport14,243 Weight in kilograms9,686
Chile2019Waste or scrap, of cast ironExport5,39348,035Weight in kilograms48,035
Chile2019Waste or scrap, of stainless steelImport84,3414,125No Quantity0
Chile2019Waste or scrap, of stainless steelExport10,780,3538,368,166Weight in kilograms8,368,166
Chile2019Waste or scrap, of alloy steel, other than stainlessImport50,838562,040Weight in kilograms562,040
Chile2019Waste or scrap, of alloy steel, other than stainlessExport13,172,93146,082,716Weight in kilograms46,082,716
Chile2019Waste or scrap, of alloy steel, other than stainlessRe-Import18,178120,640Weight in kilograms120,640
Chile2019Waste or scrap, of tinned iron or steelImport40,49399,191Weight in kilograms99,191
Chile2019Waste or scrap, of tinned iron or steelExport14,752,26954,420,701Weight in kilograms54,420,701
Chile2019Waste or scrap, of tinned iron or steelRe-Import40,34799,190Weight in kilograms99,190
Chile2019Waste from the mechanical working of iron or steel neExport10,019114,793Weight in kilograms114,793
Chile2019Ferrous waste or scrap, nesImport32,197161,726No Quantity0
Chile2019Ferrous waste or scrap, nesExport65,866,347242,275,335Weight in kilograms242,275,335
Chile2019Ferrous waste or scrap, nesRe-Import3,11110,456Weight in kilograms10,456
Chile2019Remelting scrap ingots, of iron or steelExport11490Weight in kilograms90
Chile2019Granules of pig iron or spiegeleisenImport1,785,3642,254,933Weight in kilograms2,254,933
Chile2019Granules of pig iron or spiegeleisenExport72,98829,543Weight in kilograms29,543
Chile2019Powders, alloy steelImport87,5995,515Weight in kilograms5,515
Chile2019Powders, iron or steel, other than alloyImport800,279747,619Weight in kilograms747,619
Chile2019Powders, iron or steel, other than alloyExport66,096286,581Weight in kilograms286,581
Chile2019Iron or non-alloy steel in ingots, <99.94% ironImport7,0344,516Weight in kilograms4,516
Chile2019Iron or non-alloy steel, primary nes, <99.94% ironImport2,619127Weight in kilograms127
Chile2019Rectangular iron or non-alloy steel bars, <.25%C, width< twice thicknesImport147,64720,057Weight in kilograms20,057
Chile2019Rectangular iron or non-alloy steel bars, <.25%C, width< twice thicknesExport80,3993,450Weight in kilograms3,450
Chile2019Semi-finished bars, iron or non-alloy steel <0.25%C, rectangular, nesImport14,26528,441No Quantity0

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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