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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Chile2019Raw silk (not thrown)Import640Weight in kilograms0
Chile2019Silk waste, carded or combedImport60,9891,510Weight in kilograms1,510
Chile2019Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailImport25,450230Weight in kilograms230
Chile2019Yarn spun from silk waste, not retailImport179,6761,677Weight in kilograms1,677
Chile2019Silk yarn retail, silk worm gutImport4984Weight in kilograms4
Chile2019Woven fabric of noil silkImport16,98159Weight in kilograms59
Chile2019Woven fabric of noil silkExport300Weight in kilograms0
Chile2019Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import221,2683,396Weight in kilograms3,396
Chile2019Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Export300Weight in kilograms0
Chile2019Woven fabric of silk, nesImport109,0301,892Weight in kilograms1,892
Chile2019Woven fabric of silk, nesExport12,35877Weight in kilograms77
Chile2018Silk waste, carded or combedImport231Weight in kilograms1
Chile2018Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailImport5,91651No Quantity0
Chile2018Yarn spun from silk waste, not retailImport235,5102,307Weight in kilograms2,307
Chile2018Silk yarn retail, silk worm gutImport2,56181Weight in kilograms81
Chile2018Woven fabric of noil silkImport7,37928Weight in kilograms28
Chile2018Woven fabric of noil silkExport390Weight in kilograms0
Chile2018Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import183,3642,301Weight in kilograms2,301
Chile2018Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Export390Weight in kilograms0
Chile2018Woven fabric of silk, nesImport69,224871Weight in kilograms871
Chile2018Woven fabric of silk, nesExport52,644343Weight in kilograms343
Chile2017Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailImport14,045124Weight in kilograms124
Chile2017Yarn spun from silk waste, not retailImport48,159659Weight in kilograms659
Chile2017Silk yarn retail, silk worm gutImport3,54845Weight in kilograms45
Chile2017Woven fabric of noil silkImport1,69250Weight in kilograms50
Chile2017Woven fabric of noil silkExport4,95248Weight in kilograms48
Chile2017Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import248,5464,664Weight in kilograms4,664
Chile2017Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Export4,95223Weight in kilograms23
Chile2017Woven fabric of silk, nesImport52,4713,273Weight in kilograms3,273
Chile2017Woven fabric of silk, nesExport6,55642Weight in kilograms42
Chile2016Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailImport97216Weight in kilograms16
Chile2016Yarn spun from silk waste, not retailImport31,774531Weight in kilograms531
Chile2016Silk yarn retail, silk worm gutImport7533Weight in kilograms3
Chile2016Woven fabric of noil silkImport10,73362Weight in kilograms62
Chile2016Woven fabric of noil silkExport710Weight in kilograms0
Chile2016Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import185,7133,605Weight in kilograms3,605
Chile2016Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Export710Weight in kilograms0
Chile2016Woven fabric of silk, nesImport41,241794Weight in kilograms794
Chile2016Woven fabric of silk, nesExport710Weight in kilograms0
Chile2015Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailImport3,453115Weight in kilograms115
Chile2015Yarn spun from silk waste, not retailImport42,986843Weight in kilograms843
Chile2015Silk yarn retail, silk worm gutImport38,603690Weight in kilograms690
Chile2015Silk yarn retail, silk worm gutExport75,3111,447Weight in kilograms1,447
Chile2015Woven fabric of noil silkImport2,56440Weight in kilograms40
Chile2015Woven fabric of noil silkExport8,52962Weight in kilograms62
Chile2015Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import254,2733,942Weight in kilograms3,942
Chile2015Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Export8,52942Weight in kilograms42
Chile2015Woven fabric of silk, nesImport74,0421,082Weight in kilograms1,082
Chile2015Woven fabric of silk, nesExport8,52949Weight in kilograms49
Chile2014Silk waste, carded or combedImport77318Weight in kilograms18

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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