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Source: Commodity Trade Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Chile2019Horses, live pure-bred breedingImport681,762 Number of items43
Chile2019Horses, live pure-bred breedingExport154,815 Number of items26
Chile2019Horses, live except pure-bred breedingImport3,794,654 Number of items294
Chile2019Horses, live except pure-bred breedingExport5,821,192140,464Number of items550
Chile2019Horses, live except pure-bred breedingRe-Import114,166 Number of items4
Chile2019Bovine animals, live pure-bred breedingExport330,00089,343Number of items165
Chile2019Bovine animals, live, except pure-bred breedingExport80,05029,174Number of items135
Chile2019Swine, live pure-bred breedingImport1,833,199313,094Number of items488
Chile2019Sheep, liveImport45,70016,427Number of items2
Chile2019Sheep, liveExport178,89063,889Number of items573
Chile2019Fowls, live domestic < 185 gramsImport7,649,997 Number of items643,791
Chile2019Poultry, live except domestic fowls, < 185 gramsImport9,967310Number of items34
Chile2019Poultry, live except domestic fowls, > 185 gramsImport334216Number of items3
Chile2019Animals, live, except farm animalsImport1,153,810 Number of items1,574,737
Chile2019Animals, live, except farm animalsExport1,850,567 Number of items31,487,655
Chile2018Horses, live pure-bred breedingImport1,396,647 Number of items120
Chile2018Horses, live pure-bred breedingExport1,030,550 Number of items22
Chile2018Horses, live except pure-bred breedingImport7,545,541 Number of items247
Chile2018Horses, live except pure-bred breedingExport5,364,383 Number of items59
Chile2018Horses, live except pure-bred breedingRe-Import132,563 Number of items6
Chile2018Bovine animals, live, except pure-bred breedingImport12,1403,549No Quantity0
Chile2018Bovine animals, live, except pure-bred breedingExport505,423168,475Number of items538
Chile2018Swine, live pure-bred breedingImport1,241,533239,161Number of items477
Chile2018Swine, live pure-bred breedingExport18,5002,560Number of items14
Chile2018Fowls, live domestic < 185 gramsImport5,430,991 Number of items395,983
Chile2018Animals, live, except farm animalsImport1,255,962 No Quantity0
Chile2018Animals, live, except farm animalsExport1,569,357 Number of items9,916,249
Chile2017Horses, live pure-bred breedingImport1,264,29192No Quantity0
Chile2017Horses, live pure-bred breedingExport158,200 Number of items7
Chile2017Horses, live except pure-bred breedingImport4,167,346249Number of items208
Chile2017Horses, live except pure-bred breedingExport4,175,971 Number of items2,591
Chile2017Horses, live except pure-bred breedingRe-Import25,6233Number of items1
Chile2017Bovine animals, live pure-bred breedingExport644,498175,090Number of items727
Chile2017Bovine animals, live, except pure-bred breedingExport15,829,6195,760,633Number of items13,850
Chile2017Swine, live pure-bred breedingImport1,098,658375No Quantity0
Chile2017Swine, live pure-bred breedingExport584,69276,878Number of items172
Chile2017Sheep, liveImport62,53023,095No Quantity0
Chile2017Fowls, live domestic < 185 gramsImport5,479,726471,357No Quantity0
Chile2017Animals, live, except farm animalsImport1,069,671145,600No Quantity0
Chile2017Animals, live, except farm animalsExport1,789,280 Number of items9,287,273
Chile2016Horses, live pure-bred breedingImport992,62287No Quantity0
Chile2016Horses, live pure-bred breedingExport223,0003,671Number of items17
Chile2016Horses, live except pure-bred breedingImport3,445,285304No Quantity0
Chile2016Horses, live except pure-bred breedingRe-Import197,1488No Quantity0
Chile2016Horses, live except pure-bred breedingExport4,133,701 Number of items3,582
Chile2016Bovine animals, live, except pure-bred breedingExport17,739,9636,570,503Number of items23,006
Chile2016Swine, live pure-bred breedingImport510,290180No Quantity0
Chile2016Swine, live pure-bred breedingExport1,085,151186,241Number of items343
Chile2016Sheep, liveImport6,4602,332No Quantity0
Chile2016Sheep, liveExport1,736,391688,369Number of items4,044

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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