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Source: Commodity Trade Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Belgium-Luxembourg1998ALL COMMODITIESImport166,721,634,304 No Quantity 
Belgium-Luxembourg1998ALL COMMODITIESExport178,615,435,264 No Quantity 
Belgium-Luxembourg1997ALL COMMODITIESImport159,458,607,104 No Quantity 
Belgium-Luxembourg1997ALL COMMODITIESExport172,699,795,456 No Quantity 
Belgium-Luxembourg1996ALL COMMODITIESImport157,996,204,032 No Quantity 
Belgium-Luxembourg1996ALL COMMODITIESExport168,343,584,768 No Quantity 
Belgium-Luxembourg1995ALL COMMODITIESImport153,388,335,104 No Quantity 
Belgium-Luxembourg1995ALL COMMODITIESExport168,153,612,288 No Quantity 

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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