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Source: Commodity Trade Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Afghanistan2018Vapour generating boilers nes, hybrid boilersImport975,44979,066Weight in kilograms79,066
Afghanistan2018Vapour generating boilers nes, hybrid boilersExport3,218329Weight in kilograms329
Afghanistan2018Air conditioners nes with reverse cycle refrigerationImport10,188,461668,424Number of items94,191
Afghanistan2018Furnaces/ovens non-electric for ores/pyrites/metalsImport245,38816,887No Quantity0
Afghanistan2018Self-propelled works trucks, electric motorImport195,46027,873Number of items147
Afghanistan2018Machines for cleaning, sorting, grading eggs/fruit/etImport6,744,059218,602No Quantity0
Afghanistan2018Machines for cleaning, sorting, grading eggs/fruit/etExport4,3350No Quantity0
Afghanistan2018Machines for cleaning, sorting, grading eggs/fruit/etRe-Export4,3350No Quantity0
Afghanistan2018Sheet fed, office offset printers, sheet < 22x36 cmImport779,891 Number of items5,892
Afghanistan2018Offset printing machinery nesImport190,5126,351Number of items160
Afghanistan2018Unit construction machines, metal workImport5,191,324106,451Number of items212
Afghanistan2018Machine tools to forge, stamp, hammer or press metalsExport64,691 Number of items4
Afghanistan2018Machines to agglomerate, shape, mould minerals or fueExport91,7946,331Number of items31
Afghanistan2018Parts for mineral sort, screen, mix, etc machinesImport75,742,93810,920,935Weight in kilograms10,920,935
Afghanistan2018Parts for mineral sort, screen, mix, etc machinesExport25024Weight in kilograms24
Afghanistan2018Machines and mechanical appliances nesImport17,0131,012Number of items225
Afghanistan2016Air conditioners nes with reverse cycle refrigerationImport6,561,112509,308Number of items43,883
Afghanistan2016Machines for cleaning, sorting, grading eggs/fruit/etImport2,658,712100,104Number of items41
Afghanistan2016Unit construction machines, metal workImport358,500 Number of items14
Afghanistan2016Parts for mineral sort, screen, mix, etc machinesImport228,780,85225,003,300Weight in kilograms25,003,300
Afghanistan2015Air conditioners nes with reverse cycle refrigerationImport8,503,327537,406Number of items63,829
Afghanistan2015Machines for cleaning, sorting, grading eggs/fruit/etImport1,756,22960,462No Quantity 
Afghanistan2015Unit construction machines, metal workImport247,200 Number of items6
Afghanistan2015Parts for mineral sort, screen, mix, etc machinesImport79,728,5917,511,439Weight in kilograms7,511,439
Afghanistan2011Air conditioners nes with reverse cycle refrigerationImport19,578,6021,448,545Number of items195,091
Afghanistan2011Machines for cleaning, sorting, grading eggs/fruit/etImport4,264,158157,010Number of items80
Afghanistan2011Unit construction machines, metal workImport3,837,261 Number of items116
Afghanistan2011Parts for mineral sort, screen, mix, etc machinesImport69,858,6357,131,357Weight in kilograms7,131,357
Afghanistan2010Air conditioners nes with reverse cycle refrigerationImport15,286,5311,015,689Number of items130,540
Afghanistan2010Machines for cleaning, sorting, grading eggs/fruit/etImport14,043,035481,289Number of items230
Afghanistan2010Unit construction machines, metal workImport10,763,579 Number of items195
Afghanistan2010Parts for mineral sort, screen, mix, etc machinesImport75,378,0547,736,450Weight in kilograms7,736,450
Afghanistan2009Air conditioners nes with reverse cycle refrigerationImport7,203,199483,798Number of items53,935
Afghanistan2009Machines for cleaning, sorting, grading eggs/fruit/etImport6,282,983233,257Number of items103
Afghanistan2009Unit construction machines, metal workImport4,675,501 Number of items192
Afghanistan2009Parts for mineral sort, screen, mix, etc machinesImport37,676,8233,557,570Weight in kilograms3,557,570
Afghanistan2008Air conditioners nes with reverse cycle refrigerationImport5,994,1681,236Number of items52,923
Afghanistan2008Machines for cleaning, sorting, grading eggs/fruit/etImport3,344,182156,002Number of items63
Afghanistan2008Parts for mineral sort, screen, mix, etc machinesImport38,288,7914,139,146Weight in kilograms4,139,146
Albania2018Vapour generating boilers nes, hybrid boilersImport106,87536,942Weight in kilograms36,942
Albania2018Central heating boilers nesImport1,156,838227,083Number of items5,844
Albania2018Parts of central heating boiler nesImport100,1769,461Weight in kilograms9,461
Albania2018Outboard motors, spark-ignitionImport237,85811,069Number of items56
Albania2018Marine propulsion spark-ignition engines nesImport28968Number of items3
Albania2018Engines, spark-ignition reciprocating, 50-250 ccImport27,7604,745Number of items230
Albania2018Engines, spark-ignition reciprocating, over 1000 ccImport842,016433,873Number of items1,706
Albania2018Engines, spark-ignition type nesImport63,15015,993Number of items1,150
Albania2018Marine propulsion engines, dieselImport19,5875,250Number of items11
Albania2018Engines, diesel, for motor vehiclesImport759,532432,506Number of items1,866
Albania2018Engines, diesel except motor vehicle/marineImport158,63620,388Number of items64

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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