a    2017
b    De jure population.
c    Data refer to projections based on the 2010 Population Census.
d    2018
e    Includes mining and handicrafts.
f    Excluding mining and quarrying.
g    Data classified according to ISIC Rev. 2.
h    2004
i    Population aged 16 years and over.
j    Break in the time series.
k    Data classified according to ISIC Rev. 3.
l    Excluding the institutional population.
m    2013
n    2000
o    2009
p    2012
q    Index base: 2000=100.
r    2014
s    2016
t    Estimate.
u    Areas not elsewhere specified.
v    Data refers to a 5-year period preceding the reference year.
w    2015
x    2006
y    Overestimated or based on overestimated data.
z    Excluding most or all capital expenditures.
{    Arrivals by air.
|    Excluding nationals residing abroad.