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World Statistics Pocketbook

The World Statistics Pocketbook contains the same information on this app, follow instructions on its home page to download the 2018 edition free of charge in PDF format, available in the six UN languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Spanish and Russian. Order a copy of the printed edition or access the Country and Region Profiles online in UNdata at

Other statistical publications offering a broad cross-section of information which may be of interest to users of the World Statistics Pocketbook include:

Monthly Bulletin of Statistics (MBS)

The Monthly Bulletin of Statistics (MBS) can be ordered in printed edition, accessed free on the web Monthly Bulletin of Statistics Online, and downloaded free of charge in PDF format at

Statistical Yearbook (SYB)

The Statistical Yearbook (SYB) in print and online in PDF format, available at

Both publications are available for sale in print format (see below for instructions on how to order).

For more information about other publications and online databases prepared by the United Nations Statistics Division, please visit:

For additional information about the work of the United Nations Statistics Division, please visit

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