a    Projected estimate (medium fertility variant).
b    2015.
c    2016.
d    Data classified according to ISIC Rev. 4.
e    Estimate.
f    2014.
g    Break in the time series.
h    Data refers to a 5-year period preceding the reference year.
i    Including refugees.
j    Data as at the end of December.
k    Data revision.
l    Total level of government expenditure on health increased due to the inclusion of local government expenditure, as well as a more-comprehensive estimation of regional expenditure on health.
m    2009.
n    2012.
o    Figure is reported after a biometric re-verification of SIMs by all Cellular Mobile Operators.
p    Population aged 10 years and over.
q    Excluding private non-profit.
r    Excluding business enterprise.
s    2013.
t    2004.