a    Including Sabah and Sarawak.
b    2017
c    Kuala Lumpur is the capital and Putrajaya is the administrative capital.
d    Refers to the Greater Kuala Lumpur.
e    2019
f    2018
g    At producers' prices.
h    Excludes publishing activities. Includes irrigation and canals.
i    Excludes computer and related activities and radio/TV activities.
j    Excludes repair of personal and household goods.
k    Estimate.
l    2016
m    Data refers to a 5-year period preceding the reference year.
n    Including refugees.
o    Refers to foreign citizens.
p    Data as at the end of December.
q    Updated figure is based on a registration and community legal assistance programme undertaken in West Malaysia by a local NGO with technical support from UNHCR, which began in 2014. During 2017, 906 persons of those registered acquired Malaysian nationality.
r    Provisional data.
s    2013
t    Data are as at 1 January of reporting year.
u    Population aged 15 years and over.
v    Including Singapore residents crossing the frontier by road through Johore Causeway.