a    2017
b    Refers to the urban population of the Municipalities of Santo Domingo de GuzmĀ·n, Santo Domingo Este, Santo Domingo Oeste, and Santo Domingo Norte.
c    2019
d    2018
e    Data classified according to ISIC Rev. 4.
f    Excludes publishing activities. Includes irrigation and canals.
g    Excludes computer and related activities and radio/TV activities.
h    Excludes repair of personal and household goods.
i    Estimate.
j    Calculated by the UN Statistics Division from national indices.
k    2016
l    Imports FOB.
m    Data refers to a 5-year period preceding the reference year.
n    Data as at the end of December.
o    Revised estimate includes only individuals born in the country where both parents were born abroad. This estimate does not include subsequent generations of individuals of foreign descent as such it does not include all persons without nationality.
p    UNHCR is currently working with the authorities and other actors to determine the size of the population that found an effective nationality solution under Law 169-14. Since the adoption of Law 169-14 in May 2014, important steps have been taken by the Dominican Republic to confirm Dominican nationality through the validation of birth certificates of individuals born in the country to two migrant parents. Thousands of individuals also are believed to have been issued their Dominican civil documents in 2017, 2018 and first half of 2019, although an official figure was not available for this report.
q    2008
r    2011
s    2007
t    2014
u    Data are as at 1 January of reporting year.
v    Population aged 12 years and over.
w    Arrivals by air.
x    Including nationals residing abroad.