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Gross domestic product - expenditure based

Gross domestic product (GDP)

Gross domestic product - income based

Gross domestic product - output based

Gross domestic product at market prices

NDP (net domestic product)

Net domestic product (NDP)

Real gross domestic income (real GDI)

Gross national product (GNP)

Product-by-product table

Hours worked - total

Total economy

Total final consumption

Total hours worked

Domestic employees

Total fertility

Total fertility rate

Expenditure taxes


Expenditures on goods and services produced on own account

Final consumption expenditure of government

Final consumption expenditure of households

Final consumption expenditure of NPISHs

Final expenditure

GDP - expenditure based

Government final consumption expenditure

Household final consumption expenditure

Imputed expenditure

National expenditure

NPISH final consumption expenditure

Capital stock - gross

Central product classification (CPC)

CPC (central product classification)

GNI (gross national income)


Gross adjusted disposable income

Gross capital formation

Gross capital stock

Gross fixed capital formation

Gross national disposable income

Gross national income (GNI)

Gross saving

Gross value added

Gross value added at basic prices

Gross value added at producers' prices

Joint products

Other subsidies on products

Percentage rural

Percentage urban

Product (commodity) technology


Subsidies on products - other

Subsidies on products used domestically

Subsidy on a product

Tax on a product

Taxes on products

Value added - gross

Eco Domestic Product

Environmentally Adjusted Net Domestic Product (EDP)

Final consumption expenditure

Final consumption expenditure of non-profit institutions serving households (NPISHs)

GDP by types of expenditure

Private final consumption expenditure

Defensive Expenditure

Environmental Expenditures

Pollution abatement costs or expenditures


Total Allowable Catch (TAC)

Total Suspended Particulate Matter (TSPM)

Adapted Products

Clean Products

Environmental Health Indicators

Grossing / Netting

Grossing up


Human Health

Occupational Health Hazards

Product Flow Accounts

Main aggregates

Green GDP

GDP at current prices

Actual individual consumption


Shares of GDP

Biological Spectrum

Sustainable Economic Growth

GDP - output based

Production boundary

National income

Foreign military personnel


Ozone Hole

Population Density

Raw Sewage

River Basin

Sanitary Sewage



Net non-life insurance premiums

Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI)

Genuine Saving

Apparent Consumption

Environmental Labelling

Goods and services account

Measure of Economic Welfare (MEW)

Unit response rate

Unit value

Chronic Toxicity

Defensive Environmental Costs

GDP - income based

Noise Pollution

Final use quadrant

Net saving

Industrial Wastes

Mining Wastes

Organic Fertilizers


Coefficient table

Net fixed capital formation

Quantity relative

Dry Tundra

Other activities

Urban Run-off


Body Burden

Chlorine Loading

Compensation of employees

Full-time equivalent employment

Income from abroad - net

Net income from abroad

Precipitation-effectiveness Ratio


Adjustment for the change in the net equity of households in pension fund reserves

Balance of primary incomes

GDP by kind of economic activities

Live birth

Cost and burden

GDP at constant prices

Land Improvement

Statistical population

Classification of individual consumption by purpose (COICOP)

COICOP (classification of individual consumption by purpose)

Reimbursements - social security benefits

Social security benefits - reimbursements


Air Pollution

Air Quality Criteria

Environmental Effect

Growth rate

Hazardous Substance

Hazardous Wastes



Risk Assessment (of pollution)


Aggregates of the SNA

GDP at market prices


High-density Polyethylene

Natural Pollutant




Refuse Reclamation

Taxes on lotteries, gambling and betting

Control of a corporation

Subsidies on payroll or workforce

Intermediate use quadrant

Livestock for breeding, dairy, draught, etc.

Symmetric tables

Environmentally Adjusted National Income (ENI)

Inventories of work-in-progress on cultivated assets

Price relative

Work-in-progress on cultivated assets - inventories

Historic cost accounting

Water Abstraction


Foetal death rate


International civil servants

Quality management

Ratio estimation

Statistical measure


Factor cost

Own-account producers

Perpetual inventory method (PIM)

Supply and use tables

Foetal death

Gestational period

Homogeneous production unit

Research and development

Deposit-refund System

Dissolved Oxygen (DO)


Descriptive epidemiology

Foreign tourists


Visitors (from abroad to the country)

Changes in inventories

Consumer price index

Volume Over Bark (VOB)

End-of-pipe technology

European System for the Collection of Economic Information on the Environment (SERIEE)

Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare (ISEW)

Net rent

Operating lease

Premium supplements

Quantity index

Recurrent losses (from inventories)

Rest of the world account

Restoration Costs

Actual final consumption of general government

Actual final consumption of households

Classification of outlays of producers by purpose (COPP)

Computer software

COPP (classification of outlays of producers by purpose)


Household actual final consumption

Mineral exploration

Miscellaneous current taxes

Organic Compounds


Sewerage Network

Slow Sand Filtration


Appgar score


Brackish Water

Capital stock - net

Crude birth rate

Crude death rate

Crude divorce rate

Crude marriage rate

Deductible VAT

Double deflation

Existing fixed asset

Fixed asset - existing

Flows in real terms

Foetal death ratio

Individual Transferable Quota (ITQ)

Major renovations or enlargements (of fixed assets)

Net capital stock


Process Weight

Production account



Resource rent


VAT - deductible

Vital statistics system

Accrual accounting

Air Pollution Control

Changes in inventories (including work-in-progress)

Cultivated assets

Damage Cost

Effective Dose Equivalent

Environmental Assets

Environmental damage cost

Environmental Disease

Excise duties

High-level Radioactive Waste

Human Settlements

Indirect taxes

Indoor Air Pollution

Industry (producer) technology

Informal sector

Input-output table


Inventories - changes in (including work-in-progress)

Losses of government trading organisations (Subsidies on)

Marine Pollution

Non-cultivated biological resources


Other subsidies on production

Profits of fiscal monopolies




Subsidies on production - other

Subsidies to public corporations and quasi-corporations

Value added tax (VAT)

Cultivated natural assets

Forest Functions


Nitrogen Oxide (NOx)





Universal Soil Loss Equation

Waste Collection


Population aged 0-14

Population aged 12-14

Population aged 15-17

Population aged 15-24

Population aged 15-59

Population aged 15-64

Population aged 18-23

Population aged 5-14

Population aged 6-11

Population aged 60 or over

Population aged 65 or over

Population aged 80 or over

Population aged  0-4

Women aged 15-49

Population growth rate

Dependency ratios

Rural population

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