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Industry-by-industry table

Gross value added at basic prices

Gross value added at producers' prices

Gross value added

Net value added

Uses of value added quadrant

Value added - gross

Value added - net

Value added tax (VAT)

GDP at current prices


Industry (producer) technology

Coefficient table

Input-output table

Inverse table - Leontief

Leontief inverse table

Product-by-product table

Supply and use tables

Symmetric tables

Net value of a fixed asset

Unit value index


Written-down (net) value of a fixed asset

Basic price

C.i.f. price

Constant prices

Current account (balance of payments)

Current accounts

Current cost accounting

Current external balance

Current international cooperation

Current taxes on capital

Current taxes on income, wealth, etc

Current taxes on land and buildings

Current taxes on net wealth

Current taxes on other assets

Current transfers

Current transfers - fines and penalties

Current transfers - lotteries and gambling

Current transfers - payments of compensation

Current transfers between households

Current transfers from/to abroad

Current transfers to NPISHs

Current transfers within general government

Economically significant prices

F.o.b. price

Fisher's Ideal Index (price)

GDP at market prices

Gross domestic product at market prices

Laspeyres price index

Market price equivalents

Market prices

Miscellaneous current taxes

Miscellaneous current transfers

Other current taxes

Other current taxes n.e.c.

Other current transfers

Paasche price index


Price index

Price relative

Producer's price

Purchaser's price

Tör nqvist price index

Transfer price

Consumer price index

GDP at constant prices

Implicit price deflator

Price adjusted rate of exchange (PARE)

Full-cost Pricing

Net Price

Water Table

Existence Value

Net present value

pH Value

Stumpage Value

Observation pre-break value

Observation value

Permissible value

Permitted value

Pre-break value

True value

Unit value

Value domain

Value item

Value meaning

Intermediate use quadrant

GDP - output based

Gross domestic product - output based

Product (commodity) technology

Groundwater Surface

Double deflation

Subsoil assets (2 definitions)

GDP by kind of economic activities


Imputation (2 definitions)

Production account

GDP - expenditure based

Gross domestic product - expenditure based

Aggregates of the SNA

Factor cost


Evaluation of a civil registration system (or a vital statistics system)

Data analysis



Market Valuation


Disposable income

Environmentally Adjusted Net Domestic Product (EDP)

Gross national disposable income

National disposable income

Net national disposable income

Shares of GDP

Single indicator method of deflation

Factor reversal test


Opportunity cost (2 definitions)


Beamhouse Wastes

Monetisation (of gold)

Offstream Use of Water

Water Use


Environmental Expenditures

Sustainable Income

Capital stock - gross

Gross capital stock

Final use quadrant

Gross domestic product (GDP)


Stream Flow Regulations

Synthetic Manure

Existing good

Expenditure taxes

Flows in real terms

Poll taxes

Social benefits

Actual final consumption of households

Adjusted disposable income


Gross adjusted disposable income

Hedonic method

Household actual final consumption

Market establishments


Net adjusted disposable income

Annual growth rate

National accounts

Base weight

Contingent assets

Nominal holding gain (by non-residents)

Genetic Resources


Natural Patrimony

Neutral Soil

Financial derivatives

Maintenance (Cost) Valuation (environmental accounting)

Neutral holding gain

Real holding gain

Balancing item

Capital consumption

Distribution and use of income accounts

Distributive transactions


Insurance technical reserves

Kind-of-activity unit

Observation status

Principal activity


Statistical error

Chain indices

Final consumption expenditure of households

Household final consumption expenditure

Market output

Market producers

Nominal holding gain

Non-market producers

Other flows

Other taxes on production

Taxes on international transactions

Data type

Economic flows

Error of estimation

Externalization of environmental protection cost

Flows - economic

Generation of income account

Net worth

Subsidy on a product

Transactions account

End-of-pipe Protection

Existing fixed asset

Fixed asset - existing


Perpetual inventory method (PIM)



Homogeneous production unit

SAM (social accounting matrix)

SNA (System of National Accounts)

Social accounting matrix (SAM)


System of National Accounts (SNA)

Taxes on capital transfers

Adjustment for the change in the net equity of households in pension fund reserves

Discounting (of natural assets)

Environmental Indicator

Forward contract

GNI (gross national income)

Gross national income (GNI)

Key structure

National Estate

Neutral holding gain (by non-residents)

Other accumulation entries

Purchased goodwill

Tax on a product

Unit multiplier

Deep-discount bonds

Index linked securities

Losses of government trading organisations (Subsidies on)

Margin (trade)


Other non-market producers

Repurchase agreements

Trade margin

Trading gains and losses

Actual individual consumption

Capital levies

Classification version

Code list

Consumption of fixed capital

Estimate (2 definitions)

External balance of goods and services

Financial intermediation services indirectly measured (FISIM)

FISIM (financial intermediation services indirectly measured)

Gross capital formation

Income from abroad - net

Income in kind received by employees


Laspeyres volume index

Materials and Energy Balances

Measurement error

National income

Net income from abroad

Net national income

Net recordings

Nominal growth

Nominal interest


Other equities (and shares)

Paasche volume index

Pre-break observation

Quantity index

Real holding gains/losses (non-residents)

Real interest

Shares and other equities

Tör nqvist volume index

Unit of measure


Changes in inventories (including work-in-progress)

Inventories - changes in (including work-in-progress)

Total final consumption

Background Station


Water Supply System

Base year weights

Classification of the functions of government (COFOG)

Classification of the purposes of non-profit institutions (COPNI)

COFOG (classification of the functions of government)

COPNI (classification of the purposes of non-profit institutions)

Deposit-refund System

Drift-net Fishing

Ecological Footprint

Economic Instruments


Informal Settlements

Maintenance and repairs (of fixed assets)

McKelvey Box

Non-life insurance claims

Oil Spill

Payments by households to obtain certain licences

Payments of compensation

Real growth

Secondary distribution of income account

Social assistance benefits in cash

Social insurance schemes

Taxes on capital gains

Actual final consumption of general government

Antiques and other art objects


Capital taxes

Carbon Adsorber



Economic assets

End-of-pipe technology

Environmentally Adjusted National Income (ENI)

Gross fixed capital formation

Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare (ISEW)

International investment position

Other accumulation




Chain index


Data element

Data revision



Ratio estimation

Sibling group

Statistical measure

Statistical variable

Trend (2 definitions)

Change in real national net worth

Holding gains

Indirect taxes

Non-market output - other

Non-profit institutions serving households (NPISHs)

NPISHs (non-profit institutions serving households)

Other non-market establishments

Other non-market output

PPP (purchasing power parity)

Purchasing power parity (PPP)

Real gross domestic income (real GDI)

Real income


Reference period

Subsidies to public corporations and quasi-corporations

Time reversal test

Transfers of individual non-market goods or services

Base year (BSYR)

Biodiversity Indices


Depletion (in natural resource accounting)

Depletion Costs

Energy Valuation

Environmental Assets



Human Development

Measure of Economic Welfare (MEW)

Valuation of Natural Assets

GDP by types of expenditure

Exchange rates

GDP deflator

Accrual accounting


Ancillary activity

Balance of primary incomes

Balance sheet

Capital stock - net

Consumer durables

Debt defeasance

Depletion of natural economic assets


Employers' imputed social contributions


Expenditures on goods and services produced on own account

Historic cost accounting

Imputed expenditure

Imputed social contributions

Intermediate consumption

Mineral exploration

Net capital stock

Net lending

Other changes in assets account

Other valuables

Premium supplements

Recurrent losses (from inventories)

Zero-coupon bonds

AMA rate

Changes in inventories

Sampling error

Growth rate

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