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Own-account workers

Own-account producers

Expenditures on goods and services produced on own account

Full-time equivalent employment

Own-children method

Self-employed workers

Total fertility rate

Family-based settlers

Foreigners admitted for family formation or reunification


Employment-based settlers

Hours worked - total

Migration for employment

National accounts

Total economy

Total fertility

Total final consumption

Total hours worked

Output produced for own final use

Producers for own final use

Border workers

Contract migrant workers

Foreign border workers

Foreign migrant workers

Migrant workers

Percentage rural

Percentage urban

Project-tied migrant workers

Seasonal migrant workers


Accrual accounting

Accumulation accounts

Allocation of primary income account

Capital account

Cash accounting

Current account (balance of payments)

Current accounts

Current cost accounting

Distribution and use of income accounts

External assets and liabilities account

Financial account

Generation of income account

Goods and services account

Historic cost accounting

Integrated economic accounts

Other accounts receivable/ payable

Other changes in assets account

Other changes in the volume of assets account

Production account

Redistribution of income in kind account

Replacement cost accounting

Rest of the world account

Revaluation account

SAM (social accounting matrix)

Satellite accounts

Secondary distribution of income account

SNA (System of National Accounts)

Social accounting matrix (SAM)

System of National Accounts (SNA)

Transactions account

Accounting conventions

Key family

Roentgen Equivalent Man (REM)

Total Allowable Catch (TAC)

Total Suspended Particulate Matter (TSPM)

Capital Accumulation (environmental accounting)

Depletion (in natural resource accounting)

Environmental Accounting

Green Accounting

Maintenance (Cost) Valuation (environmental accounting)

Material flow accounts

Monetary Environmental Accounting

Natural Patrimony Accounting

Natural Resource Accounting

Physical Accounting

Product Flow Accounts

Satellite System (of national accounts)

System of integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting (SEEA)

Principal migrant



Foreign military personnel

Social benefits

Community Structure


Biological Spectrum

Social contributions by self-employed and non-employed persons

Payroll taxes

Contributory cause of death

Common Property Resources (environmental)

Compensation of employees

Weil's Disease

Subsidies on payroll or workforce

National income


Unit response rate

Control of a corporation

Net non-life insurance premiums

Ozone Hole

Population Density

River Basin


Financial intermediaries

Production boundary

Capital consumption


Non-response rate

Informal sector


Statistical population

Actual individual consumption

Adjustment for the change in the net equity of households in pension fund reserves

Balance of primary incomes

Citizens in transit

Expenditure taxes

GDP - expenditure based

Greenhouse Gases

Gross capital formation

Gross domestic product - expenditure based

Income from abroad - net

Net income from abroad


Suspended Solids

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)


Body Burden

Chlorine Loading

Precipitation-effectiveness Ratio


Civil registration system

Institutional unit

Parity progression ratio

Structural definition

Foetal death rate

Social security benefits in cash

Fiscal year

Subsidy on a product

Tax on a product

Taxes on lotteries, gambling and betting

Causes of death

Change in real national net worth

Classification of Environmental Protection Activities (CEPA)

Measure of Economic Welfare (MEW)

Net rent

Neutral holding gain

Refusal rate

Reinvested earnings on direct foreign investment

Response rate

Shares of GDP

Environmentally Adjusted Net Domestic Product (EDP)

Operating surplus

Pension funds

Person-years lived

Ratio estimation

Social security funds

Statistical measure

Capital levies

Existing fixed asset

Fixed asset - existing

Gross fixed capital formation

Holding corporations

Inventories of materials and supplies

Materials and supplies - inventories

Monetary gold

Net worth

Non-deductible VAT


VAT - non-deductible

GDP by types of expenditure

Growth rate

Wages and salaries in kind

Water Abstraction


Other volume changes

Balancing item

Computer software

Consumption of fixed capital

Current external balance

Dissolved Oxygen (DO)

Due-for-payment recording

European System for the Collection of Economic Information on the Environment (SERIEE)


Financial intermediation

Materials and Energy Balances

Net recordings


Real interest



Water Lily

Ancillary corporation

Appgar score

Crude birth rate

Crude death rate

Crude divorce rate

Crude marriage rate

Entrepreneurial income

Foetal death ratio

Legal entities

Other subsidies on products


Principal activity


Recreational land and associated surface water

Subsidies on products - other


Taxes on products

Vital statistics system


Aggregates of the SNA

Ancenstry-based settlers


Environmental Costs

Foreign retirees (as settlers)

Foreign students

Foreign trainees

Foreigners having the right to free establishment

GDP at constant prices

International civil servants

Market Valuation

Operating lease

Premium supplements

Quantity index

Real gross domestic income (real GDI)

Recurrent losses (from inventories)

Returning migrants

Sustainable Development




Brackish Water

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Double entry

Dyeing Wastes

Exports of goods and services


Hazardous Air Pollutants


Implicit price deflator

Individual Transferable Quota (ITQ)


Nitric Oxide (NO)

Nitrous Oxide (N2O)

Note issuance facilities

Principal party (to a transaction)

Process Weight


Resource rent



Sulphur Dioxide (SO2)


Balance sheet

Capital taxes

Consumer durables

Contingent Valuation


Current taxes on capital

Current taxes on land and buildings

Current taxes on net wealth

Damage Cost

Deductible VAT

Direct investment enterprise - foreign

Economic territory (of an international organisation)

Employers' imputed social contributions

Energy Valuation

Environment Statistics

Environmentally Adjusted National Income (ENI)

Environmentally Sound Technologies

Equivalent Factors

Financial derivatives

Flows in real terms

Foreign direct investment enterprise

Hotelling Rent

Imputed social contributions

Internalization of environmental cost

Land Improvement

Mixed income

Net Price

Non-market output - other

Other non-market establishments

Other non-market output

Other non-market producers

Payments by households to obtain certain licences

Profits of fiscal monopolies

Recurrent taxes on land, buildings or other structures

Statistical purpose

Stumpage Value

Taxes (recurrent) on land, buildings or other structures

Taxes on the use of fixed assets

Unincorporated enterprise

Valuation of Natural Assets

VAT - deductible



Catastrophic losses

Deposits - other

Disposable income


Exports of goods

GNI (gross national income)


Gross national income (GNI)

Gross value added

Holding gains

Imports of goods and services

Imputed expenditure

Kind-of-activity unit

Net lending

Nominal holding gain (by non-residents)

Non-life insurance claims

Non-life insurance premiums

Other accumulation entries

Other deposits

Property income attributed to insurance policyholders



Taxes on capital gains

UN Operational rates

Value added - gross


Population aged 0-14

Population aged 12-14

Population aged 15-17

Population aged 15-24

Population aged 15-59

Population aged 15-64

Population aged 18-23

Population aged 5-14

Population aged 6-11

Population aged 60 or over

Population aged 65 or over

Population aged 80 or over

Population aged  0-4

Women aged 15-49

Population growth rate

Dependency ratios

Rural population

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