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Foreign controlled corporations (non-financial and financial)

National private corporations (non-financial and financial)

Private corporations (non-financial and financial)

Public corporations (non-financial and financial)

Financial corporations

Non-financial corporations

Non-financial quasi-corporations

Other financial intermediaries except insurance corporations and pension funds

Subsidies to public corporations and quasi-corporations

Central bank

Regional central bank

Adjustment for the change in the net equity of households in pension fund reserves

Coal, oil and natural gas reserves

Insurance technical reserves

Metallic mineral reserves

Net equity of households in life insurance reserves and in pension funds

Non-metallic mineral reserves

Reserve assets

Classification of the purposes of non-profit institutions (COPNI)

COPNI (classification of the purposes of non-profit institutions)

Final consumption expenditure of non-profit institutions serving households (NPISHs)

Market non-profit institutions serving businesses

Non-profit institutions (NPIs)

Non-profit institutions controlled and mainly financed by government

Non-profit institutions engaged in market production

Non-profit institutions engaged in non-market production

Non-profit institutions serving households (NPISHs)

NPIs (non-profit institutions)

NPISHs (non-profit institutions serving households)

Ancillary corporation

Control of a corporation


Deposit money corporations

Distributed income of corporations

Financial account

Financial assets

Financial auxiliaries

Financial claims

Financial derivatives

Financial enterprises

Financial intermediaries

Financial intermediation

Financial intermediation services indirectly measured (FISIM)

Financial lease

Financial transactions

FISIM (financial intermediation services indirectly measured)

Holding corporations

Insurance corporations

Margins (financial)

Non-financial assets

Other depository corporations

Other depository corporations - other

Parent corporation


Subsidiary corporation

Taxes on financial and capital transactions

Taxes on the income of corporations

Withdrawals from income of quasi-corporations

Bank Filtration

Mineral reserves

Proved Reserves


Stream Bank Erosion

Stream Bank Management

Wildlife Reserve

Monetary gold

Note issuance facilities

Regulatory bodies

SDRs (Special Drawing Rights)

Special drawing rights (SDRs)

Deposits - other

Other deposits

Taxes resulting from multiple exchange rates

Capital transfers - other

Non-market producers

Other capital transfers

Cap Rock

Premium supplements

Non-monetary gold


Subsoil Assets (2 definitions)



Command-and-control Policy

Environmental Labelling

Non-market output - other

Other non-market output

Private final consumption expenditure



Entrepreneurial income

Property income

Sampling frame

Waste Collection

Property income attributed to insurance policyholders

Artificial Watercourse

IMF based rate

Legal entities

Mixed Cropping

Natural Pollutant

Trade credits and advances

Accumulation accounts


Net worth


Revaluation account

Self-employed workers

Taxes on income

Capital account

Foreign assets

Unquoted shares


Other subsidies on products

Principal rate

Profits of fiscal monopolies

Subsidies on products - other

Currency and deposits

Debt forgiveness


Intangible fixed assets

Lines of credit


McKelvey Box

National wealth

Other accounts receivable/ payable

Other buildings and structures

Other equities (and shares)

Other machinery and equipment

Public disclosure

Securities other than shares

Shares and other equities

Structural definition

Tangible fixed assets

Aggregates of the SNA

Contingent assets

Illegal production

Inventories of other work-in-progress

Other non-market establishments

Other work-in-progress - inventories

Social insurance schemes

Employers' imputed social contributions

Imputed social contributions

Other activities

Distribution and use of income accounts

Functional classifications

Redistribution of income in kind account

Balance sheet

Credit derivatives

Forward contract

Holding gains

Non-repayable margins

Operating surplus

Foreign students

Foreign trainees


Tangible Assets

Genuine Saving


Current taxes on income, wealth, etc

Other taxes on income n.e.c.

Taxes on capital gains

Carbon Cycle

Cost-benefit Analysis



National Estate

Natural Resource Accounting

Trace Elements

Allocation of primary income account

Antiques and other art objects

Classification of the functions of government (COFOG)

COFOG (classification of the functions of government)

Due-for-payment recording

External assets and liabilities account

Index linked securities


International investment position

Net lending

Non-produced assets


Other accumulation entries

Other changes in the volume of assets account

Other structures

Other valuables

Partitioning (transactions)

Pension funds

Produced assets

Social security funds

Stamp taxes


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