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Subsidies on products - other

Foreigners admitted for humanitarian reasons (other than asylum proper or temporary protection)


Gross national product (GNP)

Joint products

NDP (net domestic product)

Net domestic product (NDP)

Central product classification (CPC)

Gross domestic product - income based

Gross domestic product - output based

Gross domestic product at market prices

Product (commodity) technology

Tax on a product

Other depository corporations - other

Other current taxes

Other intangible non-produced assets

Antiques and other art objects

Deposits - other

Inventories of other work-in-progress

Long-term securities other than shares

Non-market output - other

Other accounts receivable/ payable

Other capital taxes n.e.c.

Other capital transfers

Other changes in assets account

Other current taxes n.e.c.

Other current transfers

Other depository corporations

Other deposits

Other equities (and shares)

Other intangible fixed assets

Other land and associated surface water

Other non-market establishments

Other non-market producers

Other social security benefits in kind

Other subsidies on production

Other taxes on income n.e.c.

Other taxes on production

Payments in kind other than remuneration in kind

Recurrent taxes on land, buildings or other structures

Securities other than shares

Taxes (recurrent) on land, buildings or other structures

Other accumulation entries

Gross domestic product (GDP)

Other activities

Live birth

Foetal death

Inventories of work-in-progress on cultivated assets

Price relative

Work-in-progress on cultivated assets - inventories

Quantity relative


Inventories - changes in (including work-in-progress)

Cultivated assets

Indirect taxes

Gestational period

Cost and burden


Quality management

Gross national income (GNI)


Accounting conventions

Attendant at birth

Burial permit


Long-term migrant


Derived data element



Ancenstry-based settlers

Certifier (of cause of death)

Coefficient table


Homogeneous production unit

Institutional mandate

Maintenance agency


Sampling technique

Secondary supplier

Changes in inventories


Data confrontation

Gateway exchange

Model assumption error

Non-probability sample


Statistical indicator




Civil register

Civil registration

Contract migrant workers

Descriptive epidemiology


Excise duties

Final use quadrant

Foreign retirees (as settlers)

Foreign students

Foreign trainees

Foreigners having the right to free establishment

Foreigners whose entry or stay is not sanctioned

GDP - output based



Industry (producer) technology

Informal sector

International civil servants

Livestock for breeding, dairy, draught, etc.

Losses of government trading organisations (Subsidies on)


Non-cultivated biological resources

Principal migrant

Real gross domestic income (real GDI)


Seasonal migrant workers

Short-term migrant

Subsidies to public corporations and quasi-corporations

Symmetric tables

Main aggregates


Barter transactions

Uncompensated seizures

Unincorporated enterprise

Depletion of natural economic assets

Entrepreneurial income


Insurance corporations

Machinery and equipment (assets)

Net lending

Non-metallic mineral reserves

Non-profit institutions engaged in non-market production

Payments of compensation

Principal activity

Social insurance schemes

Social security benefits in cash

Taxes on production and imports

Forward contract

GDP at current prices

Unquoted shares

Taxes on production

Accumulation accounts

Aggregates of the SNA

Capital taxes

Capital transfer in kind

Catastrophic losses

Contingent assets

Control of a corporation


Currency and deposits

Current taxes on capital

Current transfers between households


Distributive transactions

Employers' actual social contributions


Financial assets

Financial intermediaries


Goods for resale - inventories

Government units

Horizontally integrated enterprise

Illegal production

Institutional unit

Intangible non-produced assets

Integrated economic accounts

Interest rate swaps

Inventories of work-in progress

Inverse table - Leontief

Leontief inverse table

Mineral exploration

Mixed income

Monetary gold

Net recordings

Non-produced assets

Non-profit institutions (NPIs)

NPIs (non-profit institutions)

Payments by households to obtain certain licences

Production boundary

Profits of export monopolies

Profits of import monopolies

Repayable margins

Reserve assets

Rest of the world


Social accounting matrix (SAM)

Social benefits in kind

Social security funds

Social transfers in kind

Swap - interest rate

Tangible fixed assets


Taxes on lotteries, gambling and betting

Taxes on the use of fixed assets

Transport equipment (as assets)

Uses of value added quadrant

Wages and salaries in kind


Work-in-progress - inventories

Base year weights

IMF based rate

GDP by types of expenditure

Base year (BSYR)

GDP at constant prices

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