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Non-metallic mineral reserves

Mineral exploration



Collective consumption service

Expenditures on goods and services produced on own account

Financial intermediation services indirectly measured (FISIM)

FISIM (financial intermediation services indirectly measured)

Imports of goods and services

Gross national product (GNP)

Joint products

NDP (net domestic product)

Net domestic product (NDP)

Non-response bias

Unit non-response

Non-response error

Non-response rate

Non-sampling error


Central product classification (CPC)

Gross domestic product - income based

Gross domestic product - output based

Gross domestic product at market prices

Product (commodity) technology

Subsidies on products - other

Tax on a product

Non-probability sample

Non-profit institutions engaged in non-market production

Non-monetary gold

Other intangible non-produced assets

Tangible non-produced assets

Classification of the purposes of non-profit institutions (COPNI)

COPNI (classification of the purposes of non-profit institutions)

Foreign controlled corporations (non-financial and financial)

Intangible non-produced assets

Market non-profit institutions serving businesses

Neutral holding gain (by non-residents)

Nominal holding gain (by non-residents)

Non-cultivated biological resources

Non-deductible VAT

Non-durable good

Non-financial assets

Non-financial quasi-corporations

Non-life insurance claims

Non-market output - other

Non-monetary transactions

Non-produced assets

Non-profit institutions (NPIs)

Non-repayable margins

NPIs (non-profit institutions)

NPISHs (non-profit institutions serving households)

Other non-market establishments

Other non-market producers

Public corporations (non-financial and financial)

Exports of goods and services

Final consumption expenditure of non-profit institutions serving households (NPISHs)

Gross domestic product (GDP)


Mining, manufacturing and utilities

Intangible fixed assets

Homogeneous production unit

Export subsidies

Social transfers in kind

Gross national income (GNI)

Indirect taxes


Export duties

Taxes on production and imports

Live birth

Subsoil assets



Trade credits and advances


Domestic employees


Gestational period

Cost and burden


Quality management

Foetal death

Foreign military personnel



Inventories of work-in-progress on cultivated assets

Price relative

Work-in-progress on cultivated assets - inventories

Quality control survey

Coefficient table

Quantity relative

Private final consumption expenditure

Production boundary

Other accumulation entries

Cultivated assets

Excise duties

Final use quadrant

GDP - output based


Industry (producer) technology

Informal sector


Inventories - changes in (including work-in-progress)

Livestock for breeding, dairy, draught, etc.

Losses of government trading organisations (Subsidies on)


Other subsidies on production

Real gross domestic income (real GDI)

Subsidies to public corporations and quasi-corporations

Symmetric tables

Land underlying buildings and structures

National disposable income

Property income

Acquisition - time of


Barter transactions

Final consumption expenditure of government

GDP - expenditure based

Intermediate consumption

Main aggregates

Operating lease


Principal party (to a transaction)


GDP by types of expenditure

Capital account

Foreign assets

Current account (balance of payments)

Market establishments

Remuneration in kind

Accumulation accounts

Actual social contributions

Allocation of primary income account

Antiques and other art objects

Balance sheet

Current transfers between households

Current transfers from/to abroad

Demonetisation (of gold)

Depletion of natural economic assets


Distribution and use of income accounts

Entrepreneurial income


Income from abroad - net

Kind-of-activity unit

National wealth

Net income from abroad

Net lending

Net worth

Other current transfers

Other land and associated surface water

Payments of compensation

Redistribution of income in kind account

Regulatory bodies

Rest of the world

Rest of the world account

Revaluation account

Tangible fixed assets

Taxes on financial and capital transactions

Uncompensated seizures

Actual final consumption of general government

Actual final consumption of households

Actual individual consumption


Deductible VAT

Defined benefit pension plans

Final consumption expenditure of households

Final consumption expenditure of NPISHs

Flows in real terms


Horizontally integrated enterprise

Household actual final consumption

Illegal production

Inventories of other work-in-progress

Inventories of work-in progress

Major renovations or enlargements (of fixed assets)

NPISH final consumption expenditure

Payments by households to obtain certain licences

Payments in kind other than remuneration in kind

PPP (purchasing power parity)

Price index

Principal activity

Producer's price

Producers for own final use

Production account

Profits of export monopolies

Profits of import monopolies

Purchasing power parity (PPP)

Reference rate of interest

Reimbursements - social security benefits


Taxes paid to obtain business and professional licences

Trading gains and losses

Volume index

Wages and salaries in kind

Work-in-progress - inventories

GDP at current prices

Consumer price index

Changes in inventories

Implicit price deflator

Other activities

Taxes on production

GDP at constant prices

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