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Shares of GDP

Social transfers in kind

Wages and salaries

Wages and salaries in cash

Wages and salaries in kind

GDP - expenditure based

GDP - income based

GDP - output based

GDP at market prices

Foreigners admitted for humanitarian reasons (other than asylum proper or temporary protection)

Long-term securities other than shares

Other equities (and shares)

Securities other than shares

Shares and other equities

Short-term securities other than shares

Unquoted shares

Actual social contributions

Capital transfer in cash

Capital transfer in kind

Capital transfers

Capital transfers - other

Cash transfer

Current transfers

Current transfers - fines and penalties

Current transfers - lotteries and gambling

Current transfers - payments of compensation

Current transfers between households

Current transfers from/to abroad

Current transfers to NPISHs

Current transfers within general government

Employees' social contributions

Employers' actual social contributions

Employers' imputed social contributions

Employers' social contributions

Imputed social contributions

Miscellaneous current transfers

Other capital transfers

Other current transfers

Other social security benefits in kind

Private funded social insurance benefits

Reimbursements - social security benefits

SAM (social accounting matrix)

Social accounting matrix (SAM)

Social assistance benefits

Social assistance benefits in cash

Social assistance benefits in kind

Social benefits

Social benefits in kind

Social contributions

Social contributions by self-employed and non-employed persons

Social insurance benefits

Social insurance schemes

Social security benefits - reimbursements

Social security benefits in cash

Social security funds

Social security schemes

Taxes on capital transfers


Transfer in kind

Transfer price

Transfers of individual non-market goods or services

Unfunded employee social insurance benefits

Data sharing

GDP at constant prices

GDP at current prices

GDP by kind of economic activities

GDP by types of expenditure

GDP deflator

GDP per capita

Green GDP

Gross domestic product (GDP)

Individual Transferable Share Quota (ITSQ)

Social Cost

Classification of Environmental Protection Activities (CEPA)

Climate Protection

Coastal Protection

End-of-pipe Protection

Environmental Protection

Externalization of environmental protection cost

Groundwater Protection

Habitat Protection

Natural Disaster Protection

Ozone Layer Protection

Protection against Erosion

Protection against Natural Hazards

Protection of Ambient Air

Protection of Ambient Water

Protection of Climate and the Ozone Layer

Protection of Soil and Groundwater

Protection of Species and Habitats

Patented entities


Informal sector

Human Capital

Other activities

Taxes on production

Control of a corporation

Other current taxes n.e.c.

Payroll taxes

Disposable income

Opportunity cost

Occupational Health Hazards

Tör nqvist price index

Tör nqvist volume index

Disposal of Waste


Adjusted disposable income

Adjustment for the change in the net equity of households in pension fund reserves


Gross adjusted disposable income

Net adjusted disposable income

GNI (gross national income)

Gross national income (GNI)

Non-life insurance premiums


Erosion Control

Stream Bank Management

Distributive transactions

Taxes on production and imports

Low-level Radioactive Wastes

Quality of Life

Actual final consumption of households

Forest Functions

Household actual final consumption

Secondary distribution of income account


Current account (balance of payments)

Domain groups

Environmental Expenditures


Main aggregates

Wildlife Refuge

Actual final consumption of general government

Actual final consumption of NPISHs


Redistribution of income in kind account

SDMX, Statistical data and metadata exchange

Subsidies to public corporations and quasi-corporations

Antiques and other art objects

Current external balance

Current international cooperation

Economic flows

Economic production

Flows - economic

Gamma Radiation

Gross value added

Integrated economic accounts

Other capital taxes n.e.c.

Other taxes on production

Population register


Production account

Profits of export monopolies

Profits of import monopolies


Rest of the world account

Subsidies on payroll or workforce

Tangible non-produced assets

Transferable deposits


Value added - gross

Water resources

Capital taxes

Civil registration system


Repatriating asylum-seekers

Weighted average exchange rate

Debt defeasance

Direct investment enterprise - foreign

Employment-based settlers

Foreign direct investment enterprise



Air Pollution Control

Environmental Restoration

Soil Conservation

Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI)

Genuine Saving

Gross national disposable income

National disposable income

Net lending

Net national disposable income

Capital Accumulation (environmental accounting)

Dissolved Oxygen (DO)



Environmentally-adjusted net Capital Formation (ECF)


Aggregates of the SNA

Blue-green Algae

Distribution and use of income accounts

Human Settlements

Legal entities

Losses of government trading organisations (Subsidies on)

Natural Resource Accounting

Non-life insurance claims

Non-profit institutions (NPIs)

NPIs (non-profit institutions)

Satellite accounts

Underground economy

Carrying Capacity

Cost-benefit Analysis

Drinking Water Standards


Environment Statistics

Environmental Externalities

Framework for Indicators of Sustainable Development (FISD)


Human Development

National Estate

Risk Management

Maternal mortality rate

Accrual accounting

Ancillary Activity

Change in real national net worth

Defensive Environmental Costs

End-of-pipe technology

Environment-related Defensive Activities

Environmental Clean-up

European System for the Collection of Economic Information on the Environment (SERIEE)

Financial lease

Flows in real terms



Investment grants

Market non-profit institutions serving businesses

Non-produced assets

Other accumulation entries

Other subsidies on products

Payments of compensation

Profits of fiscal monopolies

Stream Bank Erosion

Subsidies on products - other

Taxes on products

AMA rate

Implicit price deflator

Price adjusted rate of exchange (PARE)


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