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GDP per capita

Consumption of fixed capital

Existing fixed asset

Fixed asset - existing

Fixed assets

Gross fixed capital formation

Intangible fixed assets

Maintenance and repairs (of fixed assets)

Major renovations or enlargements (of fixed assets)

Net fixed capital formation

Net value of a fixed asset

Other intangible fixed assets

Rental on fixed assets

Tangible fixed assets

Taxes on the use of fixed assets

Written-down (net) value of a fixed asset

Catch per unit of effort (CPUE)

Population density (2 definitions)

Payroll taxes

Long-range Transport of Air Pollutants (LRTAP)

Population sex ratio

Poll taxes

Complete civil registration




Market non-profit institutions serving businesses

Reference period


Coefficient table

Subsidy on a product

Tax on a product

Venting of Landfill

Shares of GDP



Particulate Loadings

Control of a corporation

Chain index

Perpetual inventory method (PIM)

Dependency ratios

Final expenditure


Ambient Concentration

Dust Burden

Flux (in nuclear science)

Ground-level Pollution

Incipient Lethal Level (LD50)

Intensive Agriculture

Peroxyacetyl Nitrate (PAN)

Capital consumption

Current transfers to NPISHs


Geometric depreciation

Gross capital formation

NDP (net domestic product)

Net domestic product (NDP)

Net value added

Other buildings and structures

Other machinery and equipment

Producers for own final use

Unforeseen obsolescence

Value added - net


GDP by types of expenditure

Population by five-year age group and sex

Sex ratio at birth

Direct investment enterprise - foreign

Foreign direct investment enterprise



Glaciers and Perpetual Snow

Bonds and debentures

Capital stock - net

Intermediate consumption

Net capital stock

Own-account producers

Infant mortality

Mortality under age 5

Crude birth rate (2 definitions)

Crude death rate (2 definitions)

Crude divorce rate

Crude marriage rate

Foetal death rate

Foetal death ratio

Infant mortality rate (2 definitions)

Neo-natal mortality rate

Blue-green Algae

Environmentally-adjusted net Capital Formation (ECF)

Hotelling Rent

Individual Transferable Share Quota (ITSQ)

Land Improvement


AMA rate

Aggregates of the SNA

Capital stock - gross

Constant prices

Current taxes on net wealth

Deductible VAT

Double deflation


Gross capital stock

Historic monuments

Investment grants


Net lending

Other accumulation entries

Other structures

Other valuables

Produced assets

Repurchase agreements

Unincorporated enterprise

VAT - deductible

Brackish Water


Dissolved Oxygen (DO)

Dyeing Wastes

Fishing effort

Ground-level Ozone


Ozone (O3)

Population Equivalent (in waste-water monitoring and treatment)

Secondary Treatment

Selective Cutting

Universal Soil Loss Equation

Volume Over Bark (VOB)

Maternal mortality rate

Net migration rate

Net reproduction rate

Total fertility

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