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Central bank

Regional central bank

Foreign assets

Monetary gold

Monetary transactions

Non-monetary gold

Non-monetary transactions

Central government

Central product classification (CPC)

CPC (central product classification)

Direct investment enterprise - foreign

Foreign controlled corporations (non-financial and financial)

Foreign direct investment

Foreign direct investment enterprise

Foreign exchange swap

Forward foreign exchange contracts

Reinvested earnings on direct foreign investment

Swap - foreign exchange

Assets (2 definitions)

Contingent assets

Cultivated assets

Current taxes on other assets

Depletion of natural economic assets

Economic assets

Existing fixed asset

External assets and liabilities account

Financial assets

Fixed asset - existing

Fixed assets

Intangible fixed assets

Intangible non-produced assets

Inventories of work-in-progress on cultivated assets

Machinery and equipment (assets)

Maintenance and repairs (of fixed assets)

Major renovations or enlargements (of fixed assets)

Net value of a fixed asset

Non-financial assets

Non-produced assets

Other changes in assets account

Other changes in the volume of assets account

Other intangible fixed assets

Other intangible non-produced assets

Produced assets

Rental on fixed assets

Rents on subsoil assets

Reserve assets

Subsoil Assets (2 definitions)

Tangible fixed assets

Tangible non-produced assets

Taxes on the use of fixed assets

Transport equipment (as assets)

Work-in-progress on cultivated assets - inventories

Written-down (net) value of a fixed asset

Foreign border workers

Foreign business travelers

Foreign diplomatic and consular personnel

Foreign excursionists (also called "same-day visitors")

Foreign migrant workers

Foreign military personnel

Foreign population of a country

Foreign retirees (as settlers)

Foreign settlers

Foreign students

Foreign tourists

Foreign trainees

Foreign-born population of a country

Monetary Environmental Accounting

Bank Filtration

Registration authority

Stream Bank Erosion

Stream Bank Management

Cultivated natural assets

Degradation of environmental assets

Discounting (of natural assets)

Environmental Assets

Natural Assets

Non-produced natural assets

Produced natural assets

Tangible Assets

Valuation of Natural Assets

Demonetisation (of gold)

Taxes resulting from multiple exchange rates

Monetisation (of gold)

Multiple official exchange rates


Municipal Wastes

Principal rate

SDRs (Special Drawing Rights)

Special drawing rights (SDRs)

Other depository corporations - other

Taxes on financial and capital transactions

Real interest

Debt-for-nature Swap

Deposits - other

Government units

Local government

Nominal holding gain (by non-residents)

Other depository corporations

Other deposits

Note issuance facilities

State government


Official rate

Metadata repository


Principal migrant

Special Data Dissemination Standard, SDDS

Taxes on international transactions

Property income

Ministerial commentary


Nominal holding gain

Global Commons

Mineral reserves

Natural Capital

Satellite System (of national accounts)

Natural Resource Accounting

Domestic employees


Unincorporated enterprise

Other volume changes



Migrant workers

Migration for employment

Same-day visitors



Genuine Saving

Taxes on production

Depletion Costs

Intergenerational Equity

Irreversibility (of environmental damage)

Natural Patrimony

Natural Patrimony Accounting

Normal return to capital

Physical Accounting

System of integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting (SEEA)

Current transfers within general government

Institutional mandate

Market Valuation



Satellite accounts

Other accumulation


Other current transfers

Taxes on pollution

Underground economy


Barter transactions

Capital transfer in cash

Certifier (of cause of death)

Contract migrant workers


Other machinery and equipment


Weighted average exchange rate

Capital account

Changes in net worth

Financial account


Taxes on capital transfers

Capital consumption

Depletion (in natural resource accounting)

Foreigners admitted for family formation or reunification


Access rights

Other accumulation entries

Purchased goodwill

Radioactive Waste

Resource management


Energy Valuation

Accumulation accounts


Capital levies

Capital stock - gross

Capital transfers

Catastrophic losses

Consumption of fixed capital

Currency and deposits

Current taxes on net wealth

Economic flows

Flows - economic

Geometric depreciation

Gross capital stock

Gross fixed capital formation

Institutional unit

Lines of credit


National wealth

Net international investment position

Net worth

Other accounts receivable/ payable

Other buildings and structures

Other equities (and shares)

Primary incomes

Real holding gains/losses (non-residents)

Revaluation account

Shares and other equities

Straight-line depreciation

Transfer in kind

Unforeseen obsolescence


Allocation of primary income account

Balance sheet

Capital taxes

Diplomats and consular personnel

Entrepreneurial income

Foreigners admitted for settlement

Foreigners whose entry or stay is not sanctioned

Historic cost accounting

Operating surplus

Opportunity cost

Other flows

Other structures

Perpetual inventory method (PIM)


Seasonal migrant workers

Social security funds



Environment Statistics

Environmental Costs

Environmental Services

Land Improvement

Natural Resources

Proved Reserves

Sustainable Development

General Data Dissemination System, GDDS

Antiques and other art objects

Capital stock - net

Capital transfer in kind

Change in real national net worth

Classification of the functions of government (COFOG)

Classification of the purposes of non-profit institutions (COPNI)

COFOG (classification of the functions of government)

Computer software

COPNI (classification of the purposes of non-profit institutions)

Current cost accounting

Current taxes on capital

Debt defeasance

Defined benefit pension plans

Double entry

Financial intermediation

Financial transactions

Forward contract

Historic monuments

Holding gains



Integrated economic accounts

Intermediate consumption

International investment position

Inventories of other work-in-progress

Investment grants


Leases and other transferable contracts

Legal entities

Money purchase pension plans

Net capital stock

Net equity of households in life insurance reserves and in pension funds

Net lending

Neutral holding gain

Neutral holding gain (by non-residents)


Other valuables

Other work-in-progress - inventories

Pension funds

Property income attributed to insurance policyholders

Real holding gain

Recurrent taxes on land, buildings or other structures


Taxes (recurrent) on land, buildings or other structures

Taxes on production and imports

Uncompensated seizures


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