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Age-specific fertility rates

Total fertility rate

Total fertility

Taxes on specific services

Age (2 definitions)

Age in completed years

Exact age

Mean age at child bearing

Cross-currency interest rate swaps

Crude birth rate (2 definitions)

Crude death rate (2 definitions)

Forward rate agreements (FRAs)

Interest rate swaps

Multiple official exchange rates

Net migration rate

Net reproduction rate

Population growth rate

Rate of natural increase

Reference rate of interest

Swap - interest rate

Swaps - cross-currency interest rate

Taxes resulting from multiple exchange rates

Crude divorce rate

Crude marriage rate

Foetal death rate

Infant mortality rate (2 definitions)

Maternal mortality rate

Neo-natal mortality rate


AMA rate

Annual growth rate

Exchange rates

Growth rate

IMF based rate

Item response rate

Market rate

Non-response rate

Official rate

Price adjusted rate of exchange (PARE)

Principal rate

Refusal rate

Response rate

UN Operational rates

Unit response rate

Weighted average exchange rate

Births by age group of mother

Deaths under age 1

Deaths under age 5

Median age

Mortality under age 5

Population aged 0-14

Population aged 12-14

Population aged 15-17

Population aged 15-24

Population aged 15-59

Population aged 15-64

Population aged 18-23

Population aged 5-14

Population aged 6-11

Population aged 60 or over

Population aged 65 or over

Population aged 80 or over

Population aged  0-4

Population by five-year age group and sex

Women aged 15-49

Own-children method

Restorative Crops

Coliform Index


Zero Population Growth (ZPG)

Domestic employees

Project-tied migrant workers

Date of birth


Industrial Wastes

Discounting (of natural assets)

Slash-and-burn Agriculture

Infant deaths


Net present value

Balance of payments

Poll taxes

Quantity relative

Exposure to risk, principle of

Active Ingredient (in pesticides)

Biological Indicator

Designer Bugs

Pollution abatement costs or expenditures

Protected Area


Durable good

Forward foreign exchange contracts

Geometric depreciation

Non-durable good

Export duties

Index linked securities


Financial derivatives

Intangible non-produced assets

Classification version

Maintenance agency

Permissible value

Permitted value

Terminological entry

Capital stock - gross

Currency swaps

Gross capital stock

Contract migrant workers

Foreign migrant workers

Foreign students

Foreign trainees


Life expectancy by sex




Sampling technique


Statistical measure

Appgar score

Foetal death ratio


Autonomous pension funds


Excise duties


Informal sector

Pension funds

Price relative

Soil Conservation

Subsidy on a product

Birth history

Descriptive epidemiology

Foreign retirees (as settlers)

Export subsidies

Export taxes

Neutral holding gain

Nominal holding gain (by non-residents)


Process Weight

Recurrent losses (from inventories)

Reserve assets

Advanced Treatment Technology (waste water)

Energy Conversion Factors

Fishing effort

Non-point Source of Pollution

Proved Reserves

Waste Collection

Water Quality Criteria


Data set

Subsoil Assets


Multilateral exchange

Nominal growth

Real growth

Dependency ratios

Infant mortality

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