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Table 2.5 Value added by industries at constant prices (ISIC Rev. 4)Go toSearch glossaries

Source: National Accounts Official Country Data | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaSNA93 Table CodeSub GroupItemSNA93 Item CodeFiscal YearSeriesCurrencySNA SystemFiscal Year TypeBase YearValue 
Zambia2.5IndustriesAgriculture, forestry and fishingA20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year201010,419,007,262 
Zambia2.5IndustriesCrop and animal production, hunting and related service activities0120171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20109,219,485,704 
Zambia2.5IndustriesForestry and logging0220171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year2010791,482,500 
Zambia2.5IndustriesFishing and aquaculture0320171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year2010408,039,058 
Zambia2.5IndustriesManufacturing, mining and quarrying and other industrial activitiesB+C+D+E20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year201027,416,707,914 
Zambia2.5IndustriesMining and quarryingB20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year201014,052,133,736 
Zambia2.5IndustriesManufacturingC20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year201010,837,097,627 
Zambia2.5IndustriesElectricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supplyD20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20102,199,738,823 
Zambia2.5IndustriesWater supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activitiesE20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year2010327,737,729 
Zambia2.5IndustriesConstructionF20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year201014,812,323,267 
Zambia2.5IndustriesWholesale and retail trade, transportation and storage, accommodation and food service activitiesG+H+I20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year201035,966,707,913 
Zambia2.5IndustriesWholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcyclesG20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year201028,806,385,627 
Zambia2.5IndustriesTransportation and storageH20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20104,620,600,007 
Zambia2.5IndustriesAccommodation and food service activitiesI20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20102,539,722,279 
Zambia2.5IndustriesInformation and communicationJ20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20104,408,572,325 
Zambia2.5IndustriesFinancial and insurance activitiesK20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20104,467,198,059 
Zambia2.5IndustriesReal estate activitiesL20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year201010,683,066,085 
Zambia2.5IndustriesProfessional, scientific, technical, administrative and support service activitiesM+N20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20103,740,792,161 
Zambia2.5IndustriesProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesM20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20102,480,736,703 
Zambia2.5IndustriesAdministrative and support service activitiesN20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20101,260,055,458 
Zambia2.5IndustriesPublic administration and defence, education, human health and social work activitiesO+P+Q20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year201025,327,206,357 
Zambia2.5IndustriesPublic administration and defence; compulsory social securityO20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20106,972,467,188 
Zambia2.5IndustriesEducationP20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year201015,723,369,970 
Zambia2.5IndustriesHuman health and social work activitiesQ20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20102,631,369,200 
Zambia2.5IndustriesOther service activitiesR+S+T20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20101,527,443,885 
Zambia2.5IndustriesArts, entertainment and recreationR20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year2010498,878,679 
Zambia2.5IndustriesOther service activitiesS20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20101,028,565,206 
Zambia2.5IndustriesEquals: VALUE ADDED, GROSS, at basic pricesB.1g20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year2010126,651,250,9441
Zambia2.5IndustriesPlus: Taxes less Subsidies on productsD.21-D.3120171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20107,619,333,734 
Zambia2.5IndustriesEquals: GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCTB.1*g20171000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year2010134,270,584,678 
Zambia2.5IndustriesAgriculture, forestry and fishingA20161000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20109,490,090,361 
Zambia2.5IndustriesCrop and animal production, hunting and related service activities0120161000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20108,278,388,664 
Zambia2.5IndustriesForestry and logging0220161000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year2010804,548,577 
Zambia2.5IndustriesFishing and aquaculture0320161000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year2010407,153,120 
Zambia2.5IndustriesManufacturing, mining and quarrying and other industrial activitiesB+C+D+E20161000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year201026,142,505,454 
Zambia2.5IndustriesMining and quarryingB20161000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year201013,642,759,836 
Zambia2.5IndustriesManufacturingC20161000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year201010,382,533,704 
Zambia2.5IndustriesElectricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supplyD20161000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20101,779,031,124 
Zambia2.5IndustriesWater supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activitiesE20161000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year2010338,180,790 
Zambia2.5IndustriesConstructionF20161000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year201013,917,857,234 
Zambia2.5IndustriesWholesale and retail trade, transportation and storage, accommodation and food service activitiesG+H+I20161000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year201035,291,091,329 
Zambia2.5IndustriesWholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcyclesG20161000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year201028,610,351,215 
Zambia2.5IndustriesTransportation and storageH20161000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20104,286,796,554 
Zambia2.5IndustriesAccommodation and food service activitiesI20161000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20102,393,943,560 
Zambia2.5IndustriesInformation and communicationJ20161000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20105,079,562,075 
Zambia2.5IndustriesFinancial and insurance activitiesK20161000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20104,739,879,868 
Zambia2.5IndustriesReal estate activitiesL20161000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20104,431,835,233 
Zambia2.5IndustriesProfessional, scientific, technical, administrative and support service activitiesM+N20161000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20103,526,030,755 
Zambia2.5IndustriesProfessional, scientific and technical activitiesM20161000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20102,337,339,834 
Zambia2.5IndustriesAdministrative and support service activitiesN20161000Zambian Kwacha2008Western calendar year20101,188,690,921 


1 - Discrepancy between components and total.

National Accounts Official Country Data

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The Economic Statistics Branch of the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) maintains and updates the National Accounts Official Country Data database. This work is carried out in accordance with the recommendation of the Statistical Commission at its first session1 that the Statistics Division of the United Nations should publish regularly the most recent available data on national accounts for as many countries and areas as possible. The database contains detailed official national accounts statistics in national currencies as provided by the National Statistical Offices2.

Data are available for most of the countries or areas of the world and form a valuable source of information on their economies. The database contains data as far back as 1946, up to the year t-1, with data for most countries available from the 1970s. The database covers not only national accounts main aggregates such as gross domestic product, national income, saving, value added by industry and household and government consumption expenditure and its relationships; but also detailed statistics for institutional sectors (including the rest of the world), comprising the production account, the generation of income account, the allocation of primary income account, the secondary distribution of income account, the use of disposable income account, the capital account and the financial account, if they are compiled by countries.

The statistics for each country or area are presented according to the uniform table headings and classifications as recommended in the United Nations System of National Accounts 1993 (1993 SNA). A summary of the 1993 SNA conceptual framework, classifications and definitions are included in the yearly publication “National Accounts Statistics, Main Aggregates and Detailed Tables”. A pdf version of the 2018 yearbook with detailed national accounts statistics of 210 countries or areas for the years 2007 to 2018 can be accessed free-of-charge from Former editions of the yearbook (in pdf and print versions) are also available. Details on the publication can be found at Requests for customized data downloads can be addressed to

1/ United Nations, 1947, Official Records of the Economic and Social Council Supplement No. 6 (E/264), chap. VIII, para. 42. New York: United Nations Publications.
2/ Different series numbers (column “Series”) are used to store different time-series versions of national accounts statistics. Series numbers with two digits (10,20) refer to data compiled following the 1968 SNA national accounts methodology, while series numbers with three digits (100, 200, etc) refer to data compiled using the 1993 SNA national accounts methodology, and series numbers with four digits (1000, 1100, etc) refer to data compiled using the 2008 SNA national accounts methodology. In addition to different methodologies, different series numbers are used when data are reported in different currencies, fiscal years, or by different sources. Furthermore, data are stored under a new series number whenever there are significant changes in compilation practices which make the time series no longer comparable.

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