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Source: World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database | International Telecommunications Union

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Country or AreaYearValue 
Sri Lanka2014103.157848107611 
Sri Lanka201395.4963205396003 
Sri Lanka201291.6331087459586 
Sri Lanka201187.5459080323502 
Sri Lanka201083.6239549541907 
Sri Lanka200979.1461203884366 
Sri Lanka200854.1866042335303 
Sri Lanka200739.3238282187412 
Sri Lanka200626.8776157588109 
Sri Lanka200516.8499121184689 
Sri Lanka200411.2027828338411 
Sri Lanka20037.14493495502941 
Sri Lanka20024.83573079551565 
Sri Lanka20013.50715883007297 
Sri Lanka20002.28267455414962 
Sri Lanka19991.37285069340046 
Sri Lanka19980.93779189581607 
Sri Lanka19970.621894869627152 
Sri Lanka19960.386704011014931 
Sri Lanka19950.2813113309382 
Sri Lanka19940.16130247408766 
Sri Lanka19930.081953185407657 
Sri Lanka19920.0149097990989158 
Sri Lanka19910.0102664333372536 
Sri Lanka19900.00583007008148302 
Sri Lanka19890 
Sri Lanka19880 
Sri Lanka19870 
Sri Lanka19860 
Sri Lanka19850 
Sri Lanka19840 
Sri Lanka19830 
Sri Lanka19820 
Sri Lanka19810 
Sri Lanka19800 
Sri Lanka19790 
Sri Lanka19780 
Sri Lanka19770 
Sri Lanka19760 
Sri Lanka19750 
Sri Lanka19700 
Sri Lanka19650 
Sri Lanka19600 

World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database

Source:  International Telecommunications Union

ITU's World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database is the main source of global, and internationally comparable, telecommunication/ICT statistics. It includes time series for more than 140 indicators and around 200 economies. The data are collected directly from telecommunication regulatory agencies and/or ministries and national statistical offices by means of an annual questionnaire, and subsequently verified, harmonized and complemented by ITU.

The data are disseminated online, via CD Rom and through numerous ITU publications, including the Yearbook of Statistics and the Measuring the Information Society Report. The statistics are used to track and benchmark the Information Society, to monitor the digital divide and to identify market potential and investment opportunities. They are an indispensable tool for policy makers in the area of ICT for development.

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