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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Senegal2017Cotton, not carded or combedImport145,257347,015Weight in kilograms347,015
Senegal2017Cotton, not carded or combedExport10,564,6506,907,478Weight in kilograms6,907,478
Senegal2017Cotton yarn waste (including thread waste)Import7465Weight in kilograms65
Senegal2017Cotton yarn waste (including thread waste)Export107,719252,492Weight in kilograms252,492
Senegal2017Garnetted stock of cottonImport301900Weight in kilograms900
Senegal2017Cotton waste, except garnetted stockImport35,95642,051Weight in kilograms42,051
Senegal2017Cotton waste, except garnetted stockExport468,701722,795Weight in kilograms722,795
Senegal2017Cotton, carded or combedImport13,17515,558Weight in kilograms15,558
Senegal2017Cotton sewing thread, <85% cotton, not retailImport97,932143,884Weight in kilograms143,884
Senegal2017Cotton sewing thread, retailImport550,232990,631Weight in kilograms990,631
Senegal2017Cotton yarn >85% single uncombed >714 dtex,not retailExport59,85464,750Weight in kilograms64,750
Senegal2017Cotton yarn <85% single uncombed 714-232 dtex,not retImport5,3831,704Weight in kilograms1,704
Senegal2017Cotton yarn <85% multiple uncombed >714, not ret., neImport25,21696,490Weight in kilograms96,490
Senegal2017Cotton yarn (except sewing thread) >85% cotton, retaiImport3,7717,451Weight in kilograms7,451
Senegal2017Cotton yarn (except sewing thread) <85% cotton, retaiImport96,629185,759Weight in kilograms185,759
Senegal2017Plain weave cotton, >85% <100 g/m2, unbleachedImport16,75318,182Weight in kilograms18,182
Senegal2017Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, unbleachedImport57,72094,912Weight in kilograms94,912
Senegal2017Plain weave cotton, >85% <100 g/m2, bleachedImport8,65922,757Weight in kilograms22,757
Senegal2017Plain weave cotton, >85% 100-200g/m2, bleachedImport2,3853,126Weight in kilograms3,126
Senegal2017Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, bleachedImport704,365782,180Weight in kilograms782,180
Senegal2017Plain weave cotton, >85% <100 g/m2, dyedImport8,94620,094Weight in kilograms20,094
Senegal2017Plain weave cotton, >85% 100-200g/m2, dyedExport6831,848Weight in kilograms1,848
Senegal2017Twill weave cotton, >85% <200g/m2, dyedImport6,41516,300Weight in kilograms16,300
Senegal2017Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, dyedImport813,888434,134Weight in kilograms434,134
Senegal2017Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, dyedExport6,6601,998Weight in kilograms1,998
Senegal2017Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, yarn dyedImport33,49092,229Weight in kilograms92,229
Senegal2017Plain weave cotton, >85% <100 g/m2, printedImport24,45383,100Weight in kilograms83,100
Senegal2017Plain weave cotton, >85% 100-200g/m2, printedImport56,022108,560Weight in kilograms108,560
Senegal2017Plain weave cotton, >85% 100-200g/m2, printedExport122,0409,900Weight in kilograms9,900
Senegal2017Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, printedImport325,9021,258,431Weight in kilograms1,258,431
Senegal2017Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, printedExport14,28514,265Weight in kilograms14,265
Senegal2017Woven cotton nes, >85% >200g/m2, unbleached, nesImport14,60612,425Weight in kilograms12,425
Senegal2017Plain weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, bleachedImport4532,780Weight in kilograms2,780
Senegal2017Woven cotton nes, >85% >200g/m2, bleached, nesImport207,104617,167Weight in kilograms617,167
Senegal2017Woven cotton nes, >85% >200g/m2, bleached, nesExport5117Weight in kilograms17
Senegal2017Plain weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, dyedImport106,85014,798Weight in kilograms14,798
Senegal2017Twill weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, dyedImport15,8802,080Weight in kilograms2,080
Senegal2017Twill weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, dyedExport2,180280Weight in kilograms280
Senegal2017Woven cotton nes, >85% >200g/m2, dyed, nesImport32,99351,340Weight in kilograms51,340
Senegal2017Woven cotton nes, >85% >200g/m2, dyed, nesExport2,168261Weight in kilograms261
Senegal2017Twill cotton except denim, >85% >200g/m2, yarn dyedImport11,41325,000Weight in kilograms25,000
Senegal2017Woven cotton nes, >85% >200g/m2, yarn dyed, nesImport21,24443,042Weight in kilograms43,042
Senegal2017Plain weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, printedImport3,01613,576Weight in kilograms13,576
Senegal2017Plain weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, printedExport1,0621,045Weight in kilograms1,045
Senegal2017Woven cotton nes, >85% >200g/m2, printed, nesImport9,29523,028Weight in kilograms23,028
Senegal2017Woven cotton nes <85% +manmade fibre <200g, unbleacheImport14,8669,303Weight in kilograms9,303
Senegal2017Woven cotton nes, <85% +manmade fibre, <200g bleachedImport42,50868,880Weight in kilograms68,880
Senegal2017Woven cotton nes, <85% +manmade fibre, <200g/m2 dyedImport24,27661,976Weight in kilograms61,976
Senegal2017Woven nes cotton,<85% +manmade fibre, <200g yarn dyedImport16,44850,780Weight in kilograms50,780
Senegal2017Plain weave cotton, <85% +manmade fibre, <200g printImport31,138103,204Weight in kilograms103,204

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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