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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Senegal2016Cotton, not carded or combedImport341,761854,045Weight in kilograms854,045
Senegal2016Cotton, not carded or combedExport14,130,58210,615,826Weight in kilograms10,615,826
Senegal2016Cotton yarn waste (including thread waste)Import9,66717,990Weight in kilograms17,990
Senegal2016Cotton yarn waste (including thread waste)Export232,528410,399Weight in kilograms410,399
Senegal2016Cotton waste, except garnetted stockImport7,54614,855Weight in kilograms14,855
Senegal2016Cotton waste, except garnetted stockExport271,225530,131Weight in kilograms530,131
Senegal2016Cotton, carded or combedImport5,4397,474Weight in kilograms7,474
Senegal2016Cotton, carded or combedExport340100Weight in kilograms100
Senegal2016Cotton sewing thread >85% cotton, not retailImport2,46813,533Weight in kilograms13,533
Senegal2016Cotton sewing thread, <85% cotton, not retailImport37,45359,034Weight in kilograms59,034
Senegal2016Cotton sewing thread, <85% cotton, not retailExport170934Weight in kilograms934
Senegal2016Cotton sewing thread, retailImport650,674836,667Weight in kilograms836,667
Senegal2016Cotton sewing thread, retailExport102,53473,132Weight in kilograms73,132
Senegal2016Cotton yarn >85% single uncombed >714 dtex,not retailExport14,04220,000Weight in kilograms20,000
Senegal2016Cotton yarn >85% single combed 714-232 dtex,not retaiImport294845Weight in kilograms845
Senegal2016Cotton yarn >85% multiple uncomb 714-232 dtex,not retImport5,687800Weight in kilograms800
Senegal2016Cotton yarn >85% multiple combed 192-125 dtex,not retImport43,0839,099Weight in kilograms9,099
Senegal2016Cotton yarn >85% multiple combed <125 dtex,not retailImport3,92810,351Weight in kilograms10,351
Senegal2016Cotton yarn <85% multiple uncomb 232-192 dtex,not retImport8,8513,906Weight in kilograms3,906
Senegal2016Cotton yarn (except sewing thread) >85% cotton, retaiImport7842,935Weight in kilograms2,935
Senegal2016Cotton yarn (except sewing thread) <85% cotton, retaiImport54,15166,265Weight in kilograms66,265
Senegal2016Cotton yarn (except sewing thread) <85% cotton, retaiExport852Weight in kilograms2
Senegal2016Plain weave cotton, >85% <100 g/m2, unbleachedImport13,63334,299Weight in kilograms34,299
Senegal2016Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, unbleachedImport35,57242,360Weight in kilograms42,360
Senegal2016Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, unbleachedExport2,553350Weight in kilograms350
Senegal2016Plain weave cotton, >85% <100 g/m2, bleachedImport23,23542,239Weight in kilograms42,239
Senegal2016Plain weave cotton, >85% 100-200g/m2, bleachedImport30,79268,708Weight in kilograms68,708
Senegal2016Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, bleachedImport590,394481,830Weight in kilograms481,830
Senegal2016Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, bleachedExport64114Weight in kilograms114
Senegal2016Plain weave cotton, >85% <100 g/m2, dyedImport33,68297,958Weight in kilograms97,958
Senegal2016Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, dyedImport1,111,354636,906Weight in kilograms636,906
Senegal2016Plain weave cotton, >85% 100-200g/m2, yarn dyedImport8143,000Weight in kilograms3,000
Senegal2016Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, yarn dyedImport84,577112,117Weight in kilograms112,117
Senegal2016Plain weave cotton, >85% <100 g/m2, printedImport207,695500,278Weight in kilograms500,278
Senegal2016Plain weave cotton, >85% <100 g/m2, printedExport4,1991,033Weight in kilograms1,033
Senegal2016Plain weave cotton, >85% 100-200g/m2, printedImport370,363877,864Weight in kilograms877,864
Senegal2016Plain weave cotton, >85% 100-200g/m2, printedExport1,721128Weight in kilograms128
Senegal2016Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, printedImport423,9751,282,522Weight in kilograms1,282,522
Senegal2016Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, printedExport2,685779Weight in kilograms779
Senegal2016Woven cotton nes, >85% >200g/m2, unbleached, nesImport26,85813,687Weight in kilograms13,687
Senegal2016Woven cotton nes, >85% >200g/m2, bleached, nesImport125,556235,896Weight in kilograms235,896
Senegal2016Twill weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, dyedImport37,5645,567Weight in kilograms5,567
Senegal2016Twill weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, dyedExport24,0753,530Weight in kilograms3,530
Senegal2016Woven cotton nes, >85% >200g/m2, dyed, nesImport98,761124,368Weight in kilograms124,368
Senegal2016Woven cotton nes, >85% >200g/m2, dyed, nesExport255100Weight in kilograms100
Senegal2016Plain weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, yarn dyedImport1,50060Weight in kilograms60
Senegal2016Woven cotton nes, >85% >200g/m2, yarn dyed, nesImport9,88429,284Weight in kilograms29,284
Senegal2016Woven cotton nes, >85% >200g/m2, yarn dyed, nesExport40725Weight in kilograms25
Senegal2016Plain weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, printedImport46,888137,619Weight in kilograms137,619
Senegal2016Plain weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, printedExport7,691420Weight in kilograms420

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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