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Source: Commodity Trade Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Albania2013Rosin and resin acidsImport843200Weight in kilograms200
Albania2012Rosin and resin acidsImport649150Weight in kilograms150
Albania2012Rosin and resin acidsExport17,00115,640Weight in kilograms15,640
Albania2011Rosin and resin acidsImport625123Weight in kilograms123
Albania2011Rosin and resin acidsExport6,3666,000Weight in kilograms6,000
Albania2010Rosin and resin acidsImport611260Weight in kilograms260
Albania2009Rosin and resin acidsImport70022Weight in kilograms22
Albania2008Rosin and resin acidsImport3,287971Weight in kilograms971
Albania2007Rosin and resin acidsImport3,2201,045Weight in kilograms1,045
Albania2006Rosin and resin acidsImport22,0068,758Weight in kilograms8,758
Albania2005Rosin and resin acidsImport1,4881,336Weight in kilograms1,336
Albania2005Rosin and resin acidsExport7,7701,250Weight in kilograms1,250
Albania2004Rosin and resin acidsImport19918Weight in kilograms18
Albania2003Rosin and resin acidsImport45,64950,674Weight in kilograms50,674
Albania2002Rosin and resin acidsImport1,1681,545Weight in kilograms1,545
Albania2001Rosin and resin acidsImport159190Weight in kilograms190
Albania2000Rosin and resin acidsImport1,5852,230Weight in kilograms2,230
Albania1997Rosin and resin acidsImport1,6912,000Weight in kilograms2,000
Albania1996Rosin and resin acidsImport6,30810,625Weight in kilograms10,625
Algeria2017Rosin and resin acidsImport34,81015,121Weight in kilograms15,121
Algeria2015Rosin and resin acidsImport224,11973,144Weight in kilograms73,144
Algeria2014Rosin and resin acidsImport392,436119,214Weight in kilograms119,214
Algeria2013Rosin and resin acidsImport6,401327Weight in kilograms327
Algeria2012Rosin and resin acidsImport90,52021,060Weight in kilograms21,060
Algeria2011Rosin and resin acidsImport11350Weight in kilograms50
Algeria2010Rosin and resin acidsImport97,30422,649Weight in kilograms22,649
Algeria2009Rosin and resin acidsImport61,23911,079Weight in kilograms11,079
Algeria2008Rosin and resin acidsImport176,40555,957Weight in kilograms55,957
Algeria2007Rosin and resin acidsImport63,84830,350Weight in kilograms30,350
Algeria2006Rosin and resin acidsImport78,88749,843Weight in kilograms49,843
Algeria2005Rosin and resin acidsImport124,629114,229Weight in kilograms114,229
Algeria2004Rosin and resin acidsImport151,450187,153Weight in kilograms187,153
Algeria2003Rosin and resin acidsImport56,19556,410Weight in kilograms56,410
Algeria2002Rosin and resin acidsImport122,444137,207Weight in kilograms137,207
Algeria2001Rosin and resin acidsImport203,163195,743Weight in kilograms195,743
Algeria2000Rosin and resin acidsImport302,260275,080Weight in kilograms275,080
Algeria1999Rosin and resin acidsImport395,132398,000Weight in kilograms398,000
Algeria1998Rosin and resin acidsImport461,215433,481Weight in kilograms433,481
Algeria1997Rosin and resin acidsImport238,8901,120,102Weight in kilograms1,120,102
Algeria1996Rosin and resin acidsImport461,743428,796Weight in kilograms428,796
Algeria1995Rosin and resin acidsImport475,479456,421Weight in kilograms456,421
Algeria1994Rosin and resin acidsImport1,084,8351,095,199Weight in kilograms1,095,199
Algeria1993Rosin and resin acidsImport779,971777,000Weight in kilograms777,000
Algeria1992Rosin and resin acidsImport767,357810,000Weight in kilograms810,000
Andorra2017Rosin and resin acidsImport303Weight in kilograms3
Andorra2008Rosin and resin acidsImport3,21436Weight in kilograms36
Andorra1997Rosin and resin acidsImport1023Weight in kilograms3
Angola2021Rosin and resin acidsImport36348Weight in kilograms348
Angola2020Rosin and resin acidsImport15,5593,516Weight in kilograms3,516
Angola2020Rosin and resin acidsExport8642,000Weight in kilograms2,000

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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