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Source: Commodity Trade Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaYearComm. CodeCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Albania2015380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport55,87614,400Weight in kilograms14,400
Albania2013380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport23,4247,920Weight in kilograms7,920
Albania2012380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport16,7505,940Weight in kilograms5,940
Albania2011380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport103,20820,160Weight in kilograms20,160
Albania2009380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport61,87815,120Weight in kilograms15,120
Albania2006380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport9,3632,180Weight in kilograms2,180
Albania2004380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport2,5192,706Weight in kilograms2,706
Albania2000380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedExport348500Weight in kilograms500
Albania1999380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport152128Weight in kilograms128
Albania1998380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport1,2621,187Weight in kilograms1,187
Albania1996380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport4,27342,089Weight in kilograms42,089
Algeria2016380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport1,438,002589,600Weight in kilograms589,600
Algeria2015380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport4,958,8262,369,100Weight in kilograms2,369,100
Algeria2014380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport7,280,8212,816,989Weight in kilograms2,816,989
Algeria2013380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport5,430,4942,152,167Weight in kilograms2,152,167
Algeria2012380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport7,639,2262,817,551Weight in kilograms2,817,551
Algeria2011380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport6,233,5632,567,640Weight in kilograms2,567,640
Algeria2010380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport4,580,0122,101,660Weight in kilograms2,101,660
Algeria2009380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport5,125,6202,273,208Weight in kilograms2,273,208
Algeria2008380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport4,279,7951,895,238Weight in kilograms1,895,238
Algeria2007380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport1,596,168964,470Weight in kilograms964,470
Algeria2006380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport1,504,059930,753Weight in kilograms930,753
Algeria2005380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport1,299,243780,226Weight in kilograms780,226
Algeria2004380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport313,542212,263Weight in kilograms212,263
Algeria2003380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport85,41550,546Weight in kilograms50,546
Algeria2002380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport92,57954,534Weight in kilograms54,534
Algeria2001380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport219,614149,263Weight in kilograms149,263
Algeria2000380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport340,918232,325Weight in kilograms232,325
Algeria1999380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport68,28557,011Weight in kilograms57,011
Algeria1997380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport51,28635,091Weight in kilograms35,091
Algeria1996380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport26,16519,659Weight in kilograms19,659
Algeria1995380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport252,951137,882Weight in kilograms137,882
Algeria1994380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport106,76570,578Weight in kilograms70,578
Algeria1994380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedExport246718Weight in kilograms718
Algeria1993380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport113,58169,319Weight in kilograms69,319
Algeria1992380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport136,48785,843Weight in kilograms85,843
Andorra2012380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport6,0648,405Weight in kilograms8,405
Andorra2001380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport1,2027,500Weight in kilograms7,500
Andorra1996380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport4,144289Weight in kilograms289
Angola2015380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport312,9077,090Weight in kilograms7,090
Angola2014380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport108,65164,425Weight in kilograms64,425
Angola2013380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport6,571854Weight in kilograms854
Angola2012380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport156,09542,919Weight in kilograms42,919
Angola2011380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport372,412185,263Weight in kilograms185,263
Angola2010380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport39,75619,236Weight in kilograms19,236
Angola2009380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport146,51533,569Weight in kilograms33,569
Angola2007380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport14,155883Weight in kilograms883
Anguilla2008380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport40621Weight in kilograms21
Anguilla2007380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport1229Weight in kilograms9
Anguilla2006380300Tall oil, whether or not refinedImport234Weight in kilograms4

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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