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Source: Commodity Trade Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Albania2013Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport39034Weight in kilograms34
Albania2012Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport15118Weight in kilograms18
Albania2011Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport46741Weight in kilograms41
Albania2010Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport94868Weight in kilograms68
Albania2009Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport59630Weight in kilograms30
Albania2008Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport659Weight in kilograms9
Albania2006Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport31975Weight in kilograms75
Albania2005Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport1,574506Weight in kilograms506
Albania2004Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport9,2247,480Weight in kilograms7,480
Albania2003Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport2,465579Weight in kilograms579
Albania2002Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport1,014926Weight in kilograms926
Albania2001Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport8,9483,932Weight in kilograms3,932
Albania2000Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport1,247801Weight in kilograms801
Albania1997Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport1,9771,649Weight in kilograms1,649
Albania1996Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport2,2451,250Weight in kilograms1,250
Algeria2017Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport2,098,654330,151Weight in kilograms330,151
Algeria2017Cocoa butter, fat, oilExport8,511,0551,760,000Weight in kilograms1,760,000
Algeria2016Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport1,775,307255,068Weight in kilograms255,068
Algeria2016Cocoa butter, fat, oilExport9,402,9241,440,000Weight in kilograms1,440,000
Algeria2015Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport1,910,527329,187Weight in kilograms329,187
Algeria2015Cocoa butter, fat, oilExport7,423,1371,200,230Weight in kilograms1,200,230
Algeria2014Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport770,140141,126Weight in kilograms141,126
Algeria2014Cocoa butter, fat, oilExport7,727,3911,381,000Weight in kilograms1,381,000
Algeria2013Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport1,118,193276,332Weight in kilograms276,332
Algeria2013Cocoa butter, fat, oilExport5,810,3071,480,000Weight in kilograms1,480,000
Algeria2012Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport1,795,805507,656Weight in kilograms507,656
Algeria2012Cocoa butter, fat, oilExport2,593,309800,000Weight in kilograms800,000
Algeria2011Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport2,379,784513,542Weight in kilograms513,542
Algeria2011Cocoa butter, fat, oilExport1,130,575320,000Weight in kilograms320,000
Algeria2010Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport1,027,726214,321Weight in kilograms214,321
Algeria2010Cocoa butter, fat, oilExport2,887,897641,000Weight in kilograms641,000
Algeria2009Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport1,832,050335,879Weight in kilograms335,879
Algeria2009Cocoa butter, fat, oilExport5,182,944920,000Weight in kilograms920,000
Algeria2008Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport915,504172,410Weight in kilograms172,410
Algeria2008Cocoa butter, fat, oilExport6,720,2461,140,000Weight in kilograms1,140,000
Algeria2007Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport1,129,833275,524Weight in kilograms275,524
Algeria2007Cocoa butter, fat, oilExport4,608,9521,000,000Weight in kilograms1,000,000
Algeria2006Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport1,157,795280,610Weight in kilograms280,610
Algeria2006Cocoa butter, fat, oilExport4,392,0571,120,000Weight in kilograms1,120,000
Algeria2005Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport918,423226,426Weight in kilograms226,426
Algeria2005Cocoa butter, fat, oilExport6,899,1751,640,000Weight in kilograms1,640,000
Algeria2004Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport1,255,578338,708Weight in kilograms338,708
Algeria2004Cocoa butter, fat, oilExport5,305,9581,620,000Weight in kilograms1,620,000
Algeria2003Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport292,98482,489Weight in kilograms82,489
Algeria2003Cocoa butter, fat, oilExport3,629,3601,068,000Weight in kilograms1,068,000
Algeria2002Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport212,20876,927Weight in kilograms76,927
Algeria2002Cocoa butter, fat, oilExport3,532,6011,540,000Weight in kilograms1,540,000
Algeria2001Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport39,44116,012Weight in kilograms16,012
Algeria2001Cocoa butter, fat, oilExport2,205,0751,290,000Weight in kilograms1,290,000
Algeria2000Cocoa butter, fat, oilImport82,54231,467Weight in kilograms31,467

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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