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Source: UIS Data Centre | UNESCO Institute for Statistics

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Reference AreaTime PeriodSexAge groupUnits of measurementObservation Value
Mexico1975FemaleNot applicableNumber604418
Mexico1975All gendersNot applicableNumber1270529
Mexico1976FemaleNot applicableNumber657287
Mexico1976All gendersNot applicableNumber1381865
Mexico1977FemaleNot applicableNumber700912
Mexico1977All gendersNot applicableNumber1455954
Mexico1978FemaleNot applicableNumber748536
Mexico1978All gendersNot applicableNumber1552203
Mexico1979FemaleNot applicableNumber799094
Mexico1979All gendersNot applicableNumber1667805
Mexico1980FemaleNot applicableNumber879663
Mexico1980All gendersNot applicableNumber1787954
Mexico1981FemaleNot applicableNumber919593
Mexico1981All gendersNot applicableNumber1884955
Mexico1982FemaleNot applicableNumber973322
Mexico1982All gendersNot applicableNumber1988783
Mexico1983FemaleNot applicableNumber1014408
Mexico1983All gendersNot applicableNumber2093202
Mexico1984FemaleNot applicableNumber1058178
Mexico1984All gendersNot applicableNumber2167748
Mexico1985FemaleNot applicableNumber1094922
Mexico1985All gendersNot applicableNumber2231624
Mexico1986FemaleNot applicableNumber1095949
Mexico1986All gendersNot applicableNumber2232730
Mexico1987FemaleNot applicableNumber1089246
Mexico1987All gendersNot applicableNumber2221783
Mexico1988FemaleNot applicableNumber1070857
Mexico1988All gendersNot applicableNumber2185690
Mexico1989FemaleNot applicableNumber1047660
Mexico1989All gendersNot applicableNumber2140193
Mexico1990FemaleNot applicableNumber1027465
Mexico1990All gendersNot applicableNumber2106067
Mexico1991FemaleNot applicableNumber1030583
Mexico1991All gendersNot applicableNumber2107156
Mexico1992FemaleNot applicableNumber1030537
Mexico1992All gendersNot applicableNumber2111010
Mexico1993FemaleNot applicableNumber1038359
Mexico1993All gendersNot applicableNumber2124949
Mexico1994FemaleNot applicableNumber1063030
Mexico1994All gendersNot applicableNumber2177842
Mexico1995FemaleNot applicableNumber1073751
Mexico1995All gendersNot applicableNumber2204814
Mexico1996FemaleNot applicableNumber1084017
Mexico1996All gendersNot applicableNumber2232956
Mexico1997FemaleNot applicableNumber1114163
Mexico1997All gendersNot applicableNumber2289829
Mexico1999FemaleNot applicableNumber1104700
Mexico1999All gendersNot applicableNumber2263727
Mexico2000FemaleNot applicableNumber1108087
Mexico2000All gendersNot applicableNumber2265545

UIS Data Centre

Source:  UNESCO Institute for Statistics

The UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) provides UNdata with a subset of the more than 1,000 indicators which may be found in the UIS Data Centre.

The UIS Data Centre contains indicators and raw data on education, literacy, science, culture and communication. The UIS collects these data from more than 200 countries and international organizations.

The UIS is the primary data source of education, literacy and science data for leading publications and databases, such as:

  • Education For All Global Monitoring Report
  • World Development Indicators
  • Human Development Report
  • State of the World’s Children and many others.

The Data Centre provides free access to:

  • The Institute’s databases and survey instruments
  • Country profiles
  • Tools to build your own statistical tables
  • Related documentation and metadata.
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