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Country or AreaYear(s)VariantValue
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2100Medium79906.39
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2100High117786.974
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2100Low52190.509
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2100Constant fertility80061.797
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2100Instant replacement112161.037
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2100Zero migration84263.277
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2100Constant mortality64064.751
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2100No change64169.142
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2100Momentum98636.153
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2100Instant replacement zero migration117237.32
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2100Median PI79906.39
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2100Upper 80 PI97667.774
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2100Lower 80 PI64457.643
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2100Upper 95 PI110135.496
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2100Lower 95 PI56831.208
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2099Medium80380.848
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2099High117494.356
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2099Low53058.74
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2099Constant fertility80526.312
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2099Instant replacement112056.234
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2099Zero migration84683.928
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2099Constant mortality64673.187
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2099No change64770.917
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2099Momentum98736.177
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2099Instant replacement zero migration117057.47
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2099Median PI80380.848
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2099Upper 80 PI97843.374
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2099Lower 80 PI65209.239
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2099Upper 95 PI110083.503
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2099Lower 95 PI57647.719
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2098Medium80850.629
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2098High117199.398
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2098Low53922.677
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2098Constant fertility80982.38
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2098Instant replacement111946.387
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2098Zero migration85099.865
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2098Constant mortality65290.575
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2098No change65377.83
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2098Momentum98837.933
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2098Instant replacement zero migration116872.858
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2098Median PI80850.629
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2098Upper 80 PI98073.698
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2098Lower 80 PI65948.379
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2098Upper 95 PI109919.568
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2098Lower 95 PI58491.972
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2097Medium81316.334
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2097High116903.502
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2097Low54782.63
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2097Constant fertility81431.008
Iran (Islamic Republic of)2097Instant replacement111832.033

World Population Prospects: The 2022 Revision

Source:  United Nations Population Division

The 2022 Revision of World Population Prospects represents the latest global set of demographic estimates and projections prepared by the Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat. It displays key demographic indicators for selected periods or dates from 1950 to 2100, for the world, development groups, regions, subregions, and countries or areas with more than 1,000 inhabitants in 2021. For countries or areas with fewer than 1,000 inhabitants in 2021, only figures related to population size and growth are provided. The estimates and projections contained in this revision cover a 150-year time horizon, which can be subdivided into estimates (1950-2021) and projections (2022-2100). A sample set of summary indicators are provided as part of UNData. More detailed data by age and sex are available from the Population Division’s website. Citation: United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division (2022). World Population Prospects 2022: Online Edition.
Last update in UNdata: 2022/10/07
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