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Source: World Development Indicators | The World Bank

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East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)201535,788,246,075,663.2 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)201433,848,607,348,645.6 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)201331,754,362,083,340.1 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)201229,704,037,069,614.2 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)201127,524,710,501,488.2 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)201025,547,017,248,595.8 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)200923,371,716,171,553.7 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)200822,468,825,407,905.5 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)200720,928,920,651,817.9 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)200618,719,686,580,735.8 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)200516,845,068,201,214.9 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)200415,411,673,456,248.5 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)200314,077,184,905,561.7 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)200212,987,691,110,900.1 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)200112,135,364,962,100.8 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)200011,434,815,130,575.5 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)199910,551,630,688,045.7 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)19989,987,210,856,042.5 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)19979,936,797,186,228.3 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)19969,310,150,346,851.2 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)19958,604,310,841,156.8 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)19947,958,768,150,112.2 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)19937,325,823,413,845.9 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)19926,711,896,415,140.5 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)19916,209,285,991,527.5 
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)19905,729,392,713,933.3 
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)201526,763,817,032,665.8 
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)201426,341,168,829,484.0 
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)201325,650,112,731,777.7 
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)201225,035,779,205,889.5 
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)201124,382,283,302,824.9 
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)201022,908,293,461,125.4 
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)200921,963,907,893,224.6 
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)200822,404,490,503,885.4 
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)200721,054,475,278,712.4 
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)200619,665,452,559,480.8 
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)200517,750,900,272,545.6 
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)200416,614,675,114,761.5 
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)200315,566,553,658,684.7 
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)200214,933,711,137,992.4 
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)200114,314,044,994,031.4 
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)200013,589,390,243,749.7 
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)199912,572,448,045,265.4 
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)199812,094,530,213,909.1 
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)199711,527,353,709,737.8 
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)199611,003,321,251,872.9 
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)199510,604,378,932,692.6 
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)199410,206,863,282,341.7 
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)19939,980,514,462,386.1 
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)19929,882,082,243,560.0 

World Development Indicators

Source:  The World Bank

The World Development Indicators (WDI) is the statistical benchmark that helps measure the progress of development.

The WDI provides a comprehensive overview of development drawing on data from the World Bank and more than 30 partners.

The World Development Indicators (WDI) publication is the World Bank's premier annual compilation of data about development. The complete WDI database includes more than 1,200 indicators.

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