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Source: Commodity Trade Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaYearComm. CodeCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Albania2016540110Sewing thread of synthetic filamentsImport4,348,967410,873Weight in kilograms410,873
Albania2016540110Sewing thread of synthetic filamentsExport16,9141,376Weight in kilograms1,376
Albania2016540120Sewing thread of artificial filamentsImport274,91237,481Weight in kilograms37,481
Albania2016540210Hi-ten yarn of nylon, polyamide, not sewing or retailImport61,2695,996Weight in kilograms5,996
Albania2016540220Hi-ten yarn, polyester filament, not sewing or retailImport13,3624,297Weight in kilograms4,297
Albania2016540231Textured yarn nes, nylon, polyamide <50dtex not retaiImport70,47712,590Weight in kilograms12,590
Albania2016540232Textured yarn nes, nylon, polyamide >50dtex not retaiImport7,6962,127Weight in kilograms2,127
Albania2016540233Textured yarn nes, of polyester filaments, not retailImport162,07545,419Weight in kilograms45,419
Albania2016540239Textured yarn, synthetic filament, nes, not retailImport39,6193,148Weight in kilograms3,148
Albania2016540241Yarn,nylon/polyamide, single untwisted nes, not retaiImport78,7627,775Weight in kilograms7,775
Albania2016540249Yarn, synth filament, single untwisted nes, not retaiImport237,54130,465Weight in kilograms30,465
Albania2016540251Yarn, nylon, polyamide, single >50 turn/m, not retailImport6,3301,812Weight in kilograms1,812
Albania2016540262Yarn of polyester filament, multiple, nes, not retailImport118,70118,919Weight in kilograms18,919
Albania2016540269Yarn synthetic filament, multiple, nes, not retailImport82,25825,215Weight in kilograms25,215
Albania2016540410Synthetic monofilament, >67 dtex, thickness < 1mmImport31,47912,480Weight in kilograms12,480
Albania2016540710Woven hi-ten filament, nylon, polyamide or polyesterImport910,068174,138Weight in kilograms174,138
Albania2016540720Woven fabric of strip etc, synthetic textile materialImport601,009214,955Weight in kilograms214,955
Albania2016540720Woven fabric of strip etc, synthetic textile materialExport6,991903Weight in kilograms903
Albania2016540741Woven fabric >85% nylon, polyamide, unbl/bleached,nesImport39,8829,320Weight in kilograms9,320
Albania2016540742Woven fabric >85% nylon, polyamide, dyed, nesImport1,690,036118,290Weight in kilograms118,290
Albania2016540742Woven fabric >85% nylon, polyamide, dyed, nesExport38,135368Weight in kilograms368
Albania2016540743Woven fabric >85% nylon, polyamide, yarn dyed,nesImport16,1204,026Weight in kilograms4,026
Albania2016540744Woven fabric >85% nylon, polyamide, printed, nesImport1,91249Weight in kilograms49
Albania2016540751Woven fabric >85% textured polyester unbl/bleached,neImport113,7153,653Weight in kilograms3,653
Albania2016540752Woven fabric >85% textured polyester, dyed, nesImport2,120,882332,632Weight in kilograms332,632
Albania2016540753Woven fabric >85% textured polyester, yarn dyed, nesImport49,0364,228Weight in kilograms4,228
Albania2016540754Woven fabric >85% textured polyester, printed, nesImport1,059,987115,472Weight in kilograms115,472
Albania2016540760Woven fabric >85% non-textured polyester filament, neImport7,425,1721,621,976Weight in kilograms1,621,976
Albania2016540760Woven fabric >85% non-textured polyester filament, neExport46,7639,279Weight in kilograms9,279
Albania2016540771Woven fabric >85% synthetic filament, nesImport32,8834,625Weight in kilograms4,625
Albania2016540772Woven fabric >85% synthetic filament, dyed, nesImport1,370,043352,817Weight in kilograms352,817
Albania2016540773Woven fabric >85% synthetic filament, yarn dyed, nesImport590,80750,934Weight in kilograms50,934
Albania2016540774Woven fabric >85% synthetic filament, printed, nesImport88,17922,122Weight in kilograms22,122
Albania2016540782Woven fabric synthetic filament <85% +cotton, dyed neImport587,48488,651Weight in kilograms88,651
Albania2016540783Woven fabric synthetic filament <85% +cotton, yarn dyImport386,13956,190Weight in kilograms56,190
Albania2016540792Woven fabric synthetic filament, dyed, nesImport1,020,792189,515Weight in kilograms189,515
Albania2016540793Woven fabric synthetic filament, yarn dyed, nesImport95,70014,204Weight in kilograms14,204
Albania2016540794Woven fabric synthetic filament, printed, nesImport73,38512,774Weight in kilograms12,774
Albania2016540822Woven fabric >85% artificial filament/strip, dyed, neImport364,32428,368Weight in kilograms28,368
Albania2016540823Woven fabric >85% artif filament/strip, yarn dyed, neImport10,2422,281Weight in kilograms2,281
Albania2016540824Woven fabric >85% artif filament/strip, printed, nesImport248,0295,280Weight in kilograms5,280
Albania2016540832Woven fabric of artificial filament, dyed, nesImport1,100,78930,334Weight in kilograms30,334
Albania2016540833Woven fabric of artificial filament, yarn dyed, nesImport2,518,496232,918Weight in kilograms232,918
Albania2016540834Woven fabric of artificial filament, printed, nesImport233,89811,737Weight in kilograms11,737
Albania2015540110Sewing thread of synthetic filamentsImport3,349,537286,754Weight in kilograms286,754
Albania2015540110Sewing thread of synthetic filamentsExport1,757129Weight in kilograms129
Albania2015540120Sewing thread of artificial filamentsImport330,14943,261Weight in kilograms43,261
Albania2015540210Hi-ten yarn of nylon, polyamide, not sewing or retailImport52,2103,587Weight in kilograms3,587
Albania2015540220Hi-ten yarn, polyester filament, not sewing or retailImport110,30155,053Weight in kilograms55,053
Albania2015540231Textured yarn nes, nylon, polyamide <50dtex not retaiImport14,7561,621Weight in kilograms1,621

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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