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Source: Commodity Trade Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Albania2016Artificial filament towImport10,0604,218Weight in kilograms4,218
Albania2016Staple fibres of polyesters, not carded or combedImport641,471645,170Weight in kilograms645,170
Albania2016Sewing thread of synthetic staple fibresImport1,088,600118,281Weight in kilograms118,281
Albania2016Yarn >85% synthetic staple fibres, retail, not sewingImport298,50770,623Weight in kilograms70,623
Albania2016Woven fabric >85% polyester staple fibre unbl/bleacheImport85,4145,340Weight in kilograms5,340
Albania2016Woven fabric >85% polyester staple fibres, nesImport1,419,005116,695Weight in kilograms116,695
Albania2016Woven fabric >85% acrylic staple fibres, nesImport115,2926,023Weight in kilograms6,023
Albania2016Woven fabric >85% synthetic staple fibre nesImport6,258,719194,305Weight in kilograms194,305
Albania2016Woven fabric >85% synthetic staple fibre nesExport62,4976,880Weight in kilograms6,880
Albania2016Woven plain >85% polyester+cotton, <170g/m2 unbl/blchImport23,3782,810Weight in kilograms2,810
Albania2016Woven plain >85% polyester + cotton, <170g/m2 dyedImport154,71917,113Weight in kilograms17,113
Albania2016Woven fabric nes>85% polyester + cotton,<170g/m2 dyedImport16,8241,717Weight in kilograms1,717
Albania2016Woven twill >85% polyester+cotton, >170g/m2 unbl/blchImport259,63134,823Weight in kilograms34,823
Albania2016Woven fabric>85% synth nes+cotton, >170g/m2 unbl/blchImport20,8532,859Weight in kilograms2,859
Albania2016Woven twill >85% polyester + cotton, >170g/m2 dyedImport2,800,000318,719Weight in kilograms318,719
Albania2016Woven twill >85% polyester + cotton, >170g/m2 dyedExport4,842497Weight in kilograms497
Albania2016Woven twill >85% polyester + cotton, >170g/m2 printedImport398,43335,771Weight in kilograms35,771
Albania2016Woven fabric polyester + viscose rayon, nesImport704,80230,154Weight in kilograms30,154
Albania2016Woven fabric polyester + manmade filament, nesImport1,667,108231,506Weight in kilograms231,506
Albania2016Woven fabric polyester + wool or hair, nesImport79,2893,396Weight in kilograms3,396
Albania2016Woven fabric polyester staple fibres, nesImport58,6115,156Weight in kilograms5,156
Albania2016Woven fabric acrylic or modacrylic staple fibres, nesImport89,0868,439Weight in kilograms8,439
Albania2016Woven fabric synthetic staple fibre with manmade, nesImport10,376456Weight in kilograms456
Albania2016Woven fabric synthetic staple fibres, nesImport1,212,15648,578Weight in kilograms48,578
Albania2016Woven fabric <85% artificial staple fibres, dyedImport106,4634,165Weight in kilograms4,165
Albania2016Woven fabric <85% artificial staple fibres, printedImport1,389,77635,051Weight in kilograms35,051
Albania2016Woven fabric <85% artificial staple+manmade fibre dyeImport23,1162,306Weight in kilograms2,306
Albania2016Woven fabric <85% artif staple + manmade fil yarn dyeImport158,22035,536Weight in kilograms35,536
Albania2016Woven fabric <85% artificial staple+wool/hair, printeImport27,5582,242Weight in kilograms2,242
Albania2016Woven fabric <85% artificial staples, yarn dyed, nesImport24,247454Weight in kilograms454
Albania2015Staple fibres of polyesters, not carded or combedImport670,258593,080Weight in kilograms593,080
Albania2015Staple fibres of polypropylene, not carded or combedImport57,77416,118Weight in kilograms16,118
Albania2015Synthetic staple fibres, carded or combed nesImport1,791108Weight in kilograms108
Albania2015Sewing thread of synthetic staple fibresImport1,199,880137,379Weight in kilograms137,379
Albania2015Sewing thread of artificial staple fibresImport49140Weight in kilograms40
Albania2015Yarn >85% polyester staple fibres, single, not retailImport39,67211,951Weight in kilograms11,951
Albania2015Yarn >85% acrylic staple fibres, multiple not retailImport161,94637,762Weight in kilograms37,762
Albania2015Yarn of other synth staple fibres + cotton not retailImport54,9308,967Weight in kilograms8,967
Albania2015Yarn of artif staple fibres & wool or hair, not retaiImport10,1632,819Weight in kilograms2,819
Albania2015Yarn of artificial staple fibres, not retail, nesImport13,0833,993Weight in kilograms3,993
Albania2015Yarn >85% synthetic staple fibres, retail, not sewingImport840,392210,549Weight in kilograms210,549
Albania2015Woven fabric >85% polyester staple fibre unbl/bleacheImport114,7165,632Weight in kilograms5,632
Albania2015Woven fabric >85% polyester staple fibres, nesImport3,815,052320,427Weight in kilograms320,427
Albania2015Woven fabric >85% polyester staple fibres, nesExport97,1699,263Weight in kilograms9,263
Albania2015Woven fabric >85% acrylic staple fibres, nesImport217,62723,804Weight in kilograms23,804
Albania2015Woven fabric >85% synthetic staple fibre nesImport3,498,427111,313Weight in kilograms111,313
Albania2015Woven fabric >85% synthetic staple fibre nesExport8431Weight in kilograms31
Albania2015Woven plain >85% polyester+cotton, <170g/m2 unbl/blchImport12,6641,693Weight in kilograms1,693
Albania2015Woven plain >85% polyester + cotton, <170g/m2 dyedImport16,5021,495Weight in kilograms1,495
Albania2015Woven plain >85% polyester+cotton, >170g/m2 unbl/blchImport16,7041,560Weight in kilograms1,560

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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