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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Albania2016Cotton, not carded or combedImport2,854570Weight in kilograms570
Albania2016Cotton waste, except garnetted stockImport5,9791,258Weight in kilograms1,258
Albania2016Cotton, carded or combedImport8,7911,258Weight in kilograms1,258
Albania2016Cotton sewing thread >85% cotton, not retailImport531,901121,641Weight in kilograms121,641
Albania2016Cotton sewing thread, <85% cotton, not retailImport136,68811,657Weight in kilograms11,657
Albania2016Cotton sewing thread, retailImport16,6702,235Weight in kilograms2,235
Albania2016Cotton yarn >85% single uncombed >714 dtex,not retailImport213,55980,203Weight in kilograms80,203
Albania2016Cotton yarn >85% single uncombed 714-232 dtex,not retImport112,65923,751Weight in kilograms23,751
Albania2016Cotton yarn <85% multiple uncombed >714, not ret., neImport138,16981,872Weight in kilograms81,872
Albania2016Plain weave cotton, >85% <100 g/m2, unbleachedImport90,8104,493Weight in kilograms4,493
Albania2016Plain weave cotton, >85% 100-200g/m2, unbleachedImport3,830,339316,789Weight in kilograms316,789
Albania2016Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, unbleachedImport4,123268Weight in kilograms268
Albania2016Plain weave cotton, >85% <100 g/m2, bleachedImport298,45134,077Weight in kilograms34,077
Albania2016Plain weave cotton, >85% 100-200g/m2, bleachedImport1,012,163122,688Weight in kilograms122,688
Albania2016Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, bleachedImport345,07317,861Weight in kilograms17,861
Albania2016Plain weave cotton, >85% <100 g/m2, dyedImport2,144,069109,727Weight in kilograms109,727
Albania2016Plain weave cotton, >85% 100-200g/m2, dyedImport3,495,926413,523Weight in kilograms413,523
Albania2016Twill weave cotton, >85% <200g/m2, dyedImport7,832270Weight in kilograms270
Albania2016Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, dyedImport508,73257,243Weight in kilograms57,243
Albania2016Plain weave cotton, >85% <100 g/m2, yarn dyedImport155,5837,186Weight in kilograms7,186
Albania2016Plain weave cotton, >85% 100-200g/m2, yarn dyedImport11,306,703478,963Weight in kilograms478,963
Albania2016Plain weave cotton, >85% 100-200g/m2, yarn dyedExport68,5663,304Weight in kilograms3,304
Albania2016Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, yarn dyedImport206,11432,457Weight in kilograms32,457
Albania2016Plain weave cotton, >85% <100 g/m2, printedImport306,3529,889Weight in kilograms9,889
Albania2016Plain weave cotton, >85% 100-200g/m2, printedImport1,845,984168,971Weight in kilograms168,971
Albania2016Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, printedImport338,81228,994Weight in kilograms28,994
Albania2016Plain weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, unbleachedImport94,3528,241Weight in kilograms8,241
Albania2016Twill weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, unbleachedImport53,1938,625Weight in kilograms8,625
Albania2016Woven cotton nes, >85% >200g/m2, unbleached, nesImport1,291,041190,407Weight in kilograms190,407
Albania2016Woven cotton nes, >85% >200g/m2, unbleached, nesExport3,712770Weight in kilograms770
Albania2016Plain weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, bleachedImport888,836100,538Weight in kilograms100,538
Albania2016Twill weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, bleachedImport94,12510,721Weight in kilograms10,721
Albania2016Woven cotton nes, >85% >200g/m2, bleached, nesImport259,55631,162Weight in kilograms31,162
Albania2016Plain weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, dyedImport722,95889,241Weight in kilograms89,241
Albania2016Twill weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, dyedImport1,317,822128,063Weight in kilograms128,063
Albania2016Woven cotton nes, >85% >200g/m2, dyed, nesImport1,280,052119,928Weight in kilograms119,928
Albania2016Denim cotton >85% >200g/m2Import2,099,513273,488Weight in kilograms273,488
Albania2016Denim cotton >85% >200g/m2Export3,326489Weight in kilograms489
Albania2016Woven cotton nes, >85% >200g/m2, yarn dyed, nesImport996,84498,250Weight in kilograms98,250
Albania2016Twill weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, printedImport925,702101,201Weight in kilograms101,201
Albania2016Woven cotton nes, >85% >200g/m2, printed, nesImport300,59625,709Weight in kilograms25,709
Albania2016Plain weave cotton <85% +manmade fibre <200g unbleachImport1,060,28255,782Weight in kilograms55,782
Albania2016Woven cotton nes <85% +manmade fibre <200g, unbleacheImport59,8654,840Weight in kilograms4,840
Albania2016Plain weave cotton, <85% +manmade fibre, <200g/m2 dyeImport329,23120,209Weight in kilograms20,209
Albania2016Twill weave cotton, <85% +manmade fibre, <200g/m2 dyeImport4,616344Weight in kilograms344
Albania2016Woven cotton nes, <85% +manmade fibre, <200g/m2 dyedImport521,87329,369Weight in kilograms29,369
Albania2016Plain weave cotton,<85% +manmade fibre,<200g yarn dyeImport82,1154,744Weight in kilograms4,744
Albania2016Woven nes cotton,<85% +manmade fibre, <200g yarn dyedImport214,3527,474Weight in kilograms7,474
Albania2016Woven cotton nes, <85% +manmade fibre, <200g/m2 printImport176,0481,763Weight in kilograms1,763
Albania2016Plain weave cotton, <85% +manmade fibre, >200g/m2 unbImport9,1361,438Weight in kilograms1,438

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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