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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Albania2017Cotton, not carded or combedImport6,9661,159Weight in kilograms1,159
Albania2017Cotton, carded or combedImport73694Weight in kilograms94
Albania2017Cotton sewing thread >85% cotton, not retailImport282,37364,836Weight in kilograms64,836
Albania2017Cotton sewing thread, <85% cotton, not retailImport133,38715,683Weight in kilograms15,683
Albania2017Cotton sewing thread, retailImport3,015131Weight in kilograms131
Albania2017Cotton yarn >85% single uncombed >714 dtex,not retailImport158,00268,085Weight in kilograms68,085
Albania2017Cotton yarn >85% single uncombed 714-232 dtex,not retImport134,48832,036Weight in kilograms32,036
Albania2017Plain weave cotton, >85% <100 g/m2, unbleachedImport266,6078,365Weight in kilograms8,365
Albania2017Plain weave cotton, >85% 100-200g/m2, unbleachedImport1,567,053119,681Weight in kilograms119,681
Albania2017Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, unbleachedImport49,1017,791Weight in kilograms7,791
Albania2017Plain weave cotton, >85% <100 g/m2, bleachedImport607,49058,819Weight in kilograms58,819
Albania2017Plain weave cotton, >85% 100-200g/m2, bleachedImport423,81142,278Weight in kilograms42,278
Albania2017Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, bleachedImport88,2708,271Weight in kilograms8,271
Albania2017Plain weave cotton, >85% <100 g/m2, dyedImport815,12744,274Weight in kilograms44,274
Albania2017Plain weave cotton, >85% 100-200g/m2, dyedImport4,035,306387,238Weight in kilograms387,238
Albania2017Twill weave cotton, >85% <200g/m2, dyedImport98,9158,964Weight in kilograms8,964
Albania2017Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, dyedImport285,48536,167Weight in kilograms36,167
Albania2017Plain weave cotton, >85% <100 g/m2, yarn dyedImport196,2773,949Weight in kilograms3,949
Albania2017Plain weave cotton, >85% 100-200g/m2, yarn dyedImport10,387,898414,455Weight in kilograms414,455
Albania2017Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, yarn dyedImport170,1258,539Weight in kilograms8,539
Albania2017Plain weave cotton, >85% <100 g/m2, printedImport1,119,88641,149Weight in kilograms41,149
Albania2017Plain weave cotton, >85% 100-200g/m2, printedImport1,543,865148,525Weight in kilograms148,525
Albania2017Woven cotton nes, >85% <200g/m2, printedImport560,60450,861Weight in kilograms50,861
Albania2017Plain weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, unbleachedImport22,8863,501Weight in kilograms3,501
Albania2017Twill weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, unbleachedImport42,9863,938Weight in kilograms3,938
Albania2017Woven cotton nes, >85% >200g/m2, unbleached, nesImport1,177,452143,420Weight in kilograms143,420
Albania2017Plain weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, bleachedImport628,68564,412Weight in kilograms64,412
Albania2017Twill weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, bleachedImport65,8925,874Weight in kilograms5,874
Albania2017Woven cotton nes, >85% >200g/m2, bleached, nesImport116,00218,292Weight in kilograms18,292
Albania2017Plain weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, dyedImport477,29358,711Weight in kilograms58,711
Albania2017Twill weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, dyedImport1,219,781148,850Weight in kilograms148,850
Albania2017Woven cotton nes, >85% >200g/m2, dyed, nesImport1,627,336182,441Weight in kilograms182,441
Albania2017Denim cotton >85% >200g/m2Import2,238,203330,271Weight in kilograms330,271
Albania2017Woven cotton nes, >85% >200g/m2, yarn dyed, nesImport1,006,19986,468Weight in kilograms86,468
Albania2017Plain weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, printedImport620,50179,549Weight in kilograms79,549
Albania2017Twill weave cotton, >85% >200g/m2, printedImport375,70632,436Weight in kilograms32,436
Albania2017Woven cotton nes, >85% >200g/m2, printed, nesImport230,30210,936Weight in kilograms10,936
Albania2017Plain weave cotton <85% +manmade fibre <200g unbleachImport736,13930,422Weight in kilograms30,422
Albania2017Woven cotton nes <85% +manmade fibre <200g, unbleacheImport53,3006,433Weight in kilograms6,433
Albania2017Woven cotton nes, <85% +manmade fibre, <200g bleachedImport165,60513,511Weight in kilograms13,511
Albania2017Plain weave cotton, <85% +manmade fibre, <200g/m2 dyeImport128,3508,439Weight in kilograms8,439
Albania2017Woven cotton nes, <85% +manmade fibre, <200g/m2 dyedImport471,22020,605Weight in kilograms20,605
Albania2017Woven nes cotton,<85% +manmade fibre, <200g yarn dyedImport215,4084,283Weight in kilograms4,283
Albania2017Woven cotton nes, <85% +manmade fibre, <200g/m2 printImport50,1912,166Weight in kilograms2,166
Albania2017Plain weave cotton, <85% +manmade fibre, >200g, dyedImport76,34915,076Weight in kilograms15,076
Albania2017Woven cotton nes, <85% +manmade fibre, >200g/m2, dyedImport252,1729,255Weight in kilograms9,255
Albania2017Denim cotton nes, <85% +manmade fibre, >200g/m2Import321,95337,756Weight in kilograms37,756
Albania2017Woven cotton nes, <85% +manmade fibre, >200g,yarn dyeImport105,9676,517Weight in kilograms6,517
Albania2017Woven cotton fabric, > 200g/m2, unbleached, nesImport261,13424,034Weight in kilograms24,034
Albania2017Woven cotton fabric, > 200g/m2, dyed, nesImport57,3485,040Weight in kilograms5,040

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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