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Source: Commodity Trade Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaYearComm. CodeCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Afghanistan2016010410Sheep, liveExport6,0882,339Number of items51
Afghanistan2016010420Goats, liveExport3,958984Number of items53
Afghanistan2008010210Bovine animals, live pure-bred breedingImport1,026,804272Number of items3,769
Albania2016010290Bovine animals, live, except pure-bred breedingImport2,414,5331,114,023Number of items6,853
Albania2016010392Swine, live except pure-bred breeding > 50 kgImport14,265,9379,484,953Number of items96,040
Albania2016010511Fowls, live domestic < 185 gramsImport2,671,732254,652Number of items5,629,138
Albania2016010511Fowls, live domestic < 185 gramsExport87,5815,320Number of items115,180
Albania2016010519Poultry, live except domestic fowls, < 185 gramsImport26,4852,908Number of items64,000
Albania2016010591Fowls, live domestic > 185 gramsImport2,421,5131,926,850Number of items1,006,990
Albania2016010599Poultry, live except domestic fowls, > 185 gramsImport251,318211,177Number of items205,124
Albania2016010600Animals, live, except farm animalsExport584,02559,521Number of items59,521
Albania2015010290Bovine animals, live, except pure-bred breedingImport7,264,6423,519,352Number of items18,641
Albania2015010391Swine, live except pure-bred breeding < 50 kgImport45,84329,930Number of items795
Albania2015010392Swine, live except pure-bred breeding > 50 kgImport14,031,2929,439,974Number of items93,222
Albania2015010511Fowls, live domestic < 185 gramsImport2,357,680264,599Number of items4,995,885
Albania2015010519Poultry, live except domestic fowls, < 185 gramsImport32,3273,843Number of items80,880
Albania2015010591Fowls, live domestic > 185 gramsImport2,453,3602,133,310Number of items1,169,944
Albania2015010599Poultry, live except domestic fowls, > 185 gramsImport300,813258,566Number of items48,170,912
Albania2015010600Animals, live, except farm animalsExport636,18480,774Number of items80,694
Albania2014010290Bovine animals, live, except pure-bred breedingImport8,158,5834,080,294Number of items18,688
Albania2014010392Swine, live except pure-bred breeding > 50 kgImport13,483,9398,113,086Number of items83,900
Albania2014010410Sheep, liveImport21,6338,125Number of items257
Albania2014010511Fowls, live domestic < 185 gramsImport2,618,381209,999Number of items4,641,445
Albania2014010519Poultry, live except domestic fowls, < 185 gramsImport31,5863,511Number of items64,700
Albania2014010591Fowls, live domestic > 185 gramsImport3,722,4282,715,750Number of items1,531,017
Albania2014010599Poultry, live except domestic fowls, > 185 gramsImport306,678217,640Number of items245,750
Albania2014010600Animals, live, except farm animalsImport17,5444,948No Quantity 
Albania2013010119Horses, live except pure-bred breedingImport3,5981,500Number of items4
Albania2013010120Asses, mules and hinnies, liveImport6,7602,250Number of items5
Albania2013010210Bovine animals, live pure-bred breedingImport153,66762,050Number of items161
Albania2013010290Bovine animals, live, except pure-bred breedingImport9,129,7214,497,831Number of items27,104
Albania2013010391Swine, live except pure-bred breeding < 50 kgImport320,264139,131Number of items3,338
Albania2013010392Swine, live except pure-bred breeding > 50 kgImport12,264,2187,315,786Number of items81,859
Albania2013010410Sheep, liveImport188,97972,560Number of items1,740
Albania2013010420Goats, liveImport249,88935,655Number of items1,320
Albania2013010511Fowls, live domestic < 185 gramsImport2,780,932229,628Number of items5,033,354
Albania2013010519Poultry, live except domestic fowls, < 185 gramsImport35,2062,945Number of items50,480
Albania2013010591Fowls, live domestic > 185 gramsImport3,042,8122,379,634Number of items1,409,156
Albania2013010599Poultry, live except domestic fowls, > 185 gramsImport219,084155,070Number of items207,200
Albania2013010600Animals, live, except farm animalsImport816,312108,525No Quantity 
Albania2013010600Animals, live, except farm animalsExport846,58899,329No Quantity 
Albania2012010210Bovine animals, live pure-bred breedingImport674,257221,566Number of items614
Albania2012010290Bovine animals, live, except pure-bred breedingImport10,979,0145,556,474Number of items29,030
Albania2012010290Bovine animals, live, except pure-bred breedingExport3,3902,270Number of items22
Albania2012010391Swine, live except pure-bred breeding < 50 kgImport254,279135,936Number of items2,680
Albania2012010392Swine, live except pure-bred breeding > 50 kgImport11,492,5877,066,783Number of items78,853
Albania2012010410Sheep, liveImport147,36739,310Number of items1,118
Albania2012010420Goats, liveImport118,97535,975Number of items1,318
Albania2012010511Fowls, live domestic < 185 gramsImport2,776,389280,065Number of items5,679,462
Albania2012010511Fowls, live domestic < 185 gramsExport2,480360Number of items6,000

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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