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Source: Sustainable Development Goals Indicators | United Nations Statistics Division

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Reference AreaTime PeriodUnit of measurementNatureValue
World (SDG-MDG)2015Percent 3.2
Australia and New Zealand (SDG)2015Percent 7.8
Caribbean (M49)2015Percent 1.1
Central Asia (M49)2015Percent 1.5
Central Asia and Southern Asia (SDG)2015Percent 0.7
Developed regions - Europe, Cyprus, Israel, Northern America, Japan, Australia & New Zealand (MDG)2015Percent 5.8
Developing regions (MDG)2015Percent 2.6
Eastern Africa (M49)2015Percent 0.1
Eastern Asia (M49)2015Percent 6.7
Eastern Asia and South-eastern Asia (SDG)2015Percent 4.9
Europe (M49)2015Percent 6.2
Landlocked developing countries (LLDCs)2015Percent 0.6
Latin America and the Caribbean (SDG-MDG)2015Percent 3.7
Least Developed Countries (LDCs)2015Percent 0.2
Middle Africa (M49)2015Percent 0.0
Northern Africa (M49)2015Percent 1.5
Northern America (M49)2015Percent 6.4
Northern America and Europe (SDG)2015Percent 6.3
Oceania (M49)2015Percent 5.7
Oceania, exc. Australia and New Zealand (SDG-MDG)2015Percent 0.2
Small island developing States (SIDS)2015Percent 0.8
South-eastern Asia (M49-MDG)2015Percent 0.4
Southern Africa (M49)2015Percent 1.7
Southern Asia (M49-MDG)2015Percent 0.7
Sub-Saharan Africa (SDG)2015Percent 0.2
Western Africa (M49)2015Percent 0.0
Western Asia (M49)2015Percent 2.9
Western Asia and Northern Africa (SDG)2015Percent 2.2
Afghanistan2015PercentNot Available0.0
Albania2015PercentNot Available6.7
Albania2014PercentNot Available5.5
Albania2013PercentNot Available4.2
Albania2012PercentNot Available3.5
Algeria2015PercentNot Available1.9
Algeria2014PercentNot Available1.4
Andorra2014PercentNot Available0.0
Andorra2013PercentNot Available0.5
Andorra2012PercentNot Available1.3
Andorra2011PercentNot Available2.2
Andorra2010PercentNot Available3.5
Andorra2009PercentNot Available5.5
Angola2015PercentNot Available0.1
Angola2014PercentNot Available0.0
Angola2013PercentNot Available0.0
Angola2012PercentNot Available0.0
Angola2011PercentNot Available0.0
Antigua and Barbuda2014PercentNot Available4.2
Antigua and Barbuda2013PercentNot Available1.2
Antigua and Barbuda2012PercentNot Available0.2
Argentina2015PercentNot Available13.4

Sustainable Development Goals Indicators

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

On 1 January 2016, the world officially began implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development—the transformative plan of action based on 17 Sustainable Development Goals—to address urgent global challenges over the next 15 years.

The Sustainable Development Goals Database in UNdata presents data for the global SDG indicators that were compiled through the UN System in preparation for the Secretary-Generals annual report on “Progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals”.

The data series respond to the revised global indicator framework that was agreed by the Statistical commission at its forty-eighth session in March 2017. The database contains SDG indicator series and additional indicator series. The list of SDG indicators is subject to refinement by the United Nations Statistical Commission.

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Last update in UNdata: October 2017
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