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Source: World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database | International Telecommunications Union

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Country or AreaYearValue 
United States2014110.20419345959 
United States201397.0777393917782 
United States201296.0103760924709 
United States201194.4404259641603 
United States201091.311652018589 
United States200988.6236461127594 
United States200885.2091651682425 
United States200782.0641447853526 
United States200676.2935384187826 
United States200568.3176950708401 
United States200462.5471959845904 
United States200354.8468140914012 
United States200248.8510382225371 
United States200144.6905787439685 
United States200038.4680910528825 
United States199930.5761029820539 
United States199824.8906395233348 
United States199720.1423848436203 
United States199616.2381524750812 
United States199512.604724896414 
United States19949.10492140674173 
United States19936.10371658589238 
United States19924.249049036876 
United States19912.93964390153817 
United States19902.07580236597907 
United States19891.39281702990306 
United States19880.829863406884706 
United States19870.498659917432608 
United States19860.279060363798696 
United States19850.140659443993389 
United States19840.0382534362986657 
United States19800 
United States19790 
United States19780 
United States19770 
United States19760 
United States19750 
United States19700 
United States19650 
United States19600 

World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database

Source:  International Telecommunications Union

ITU's World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database is the main source of global, and internationally comparable, telecommunication/ICT statistics. It includes time series for more than 140 indicators and around 200 economies. The data are collected directly from telecommunication regulatory agencies and/or ministries and national statistical offices by means of an annual questionnaire, and subsequently verified, harmonized and complemented by ITU.

The data are disseminated online, via CD Rom and through numerous ITU publications, including the Yearbook of Statistics and the Measuring the Information Society Report. The statistics are used to track and benchmark the Information Society, to monitor the digital divide and to identify market potential and investment opportunities. They are an indispensable tool for policy makers in the area of ICT for development.

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