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Country or AreaYearValue 
Dem. People's Rep. of Korea20140 
Dem. People's Rep. of Korea20120 
Dem. People's Rep. of Korea20110 
Dem. People's Rep. of Korea20100 
Dem. People's Rep. of Korea20090 
Dem. People's Rep. of Korea20080 
Dem. People's Rep. of Korea200701
Dem. People's Rep. of Korea200601
Dem. People's Rep. of Korea200501
Dem. People's Rep. of Korea200401
Dem. People's Rep. of Korea200301
Dem. People's Rep. of Korea200201
Dem. People's Rep. of Korea200101
Dem. People's Rep. of Korea200001
Dem. People's Rep. of Korea199901
Dem. People's Rep. of Korea199801
Dem. People's Rep. of Korea199701
Dem. People's Rep. of Korea199001
Korea (Rep. of)201484.332
Korea (Rep. of)201384.772
Korea (Rep. of)201284.072
Korea (Rep. of)201183.75912015344722
Korea (Rep. of)201083.72
Korea (Rep. of)200981.62
Korea (Rep. of)2008812
Korea (Rep. of)200778.82
Korea (Rep. of)200678.12
Korea (Rep. of)200573.52
Korea (Rep. of)200472.72
Korea (Rep. of)200365.53
Korea (Rep. of)200259.43
Korea (Rep. of)200156.63
Korea (Rep. of)200044.73
Korea (Rep. of)199923.5521944496933 
Korea (Rep. of)19986.78181546774092 
Korea (Rep. of)19973.60080156399075 
Korea (Rep. of)19961.62423719177877 
Korea (Rep. of)19950.819686670067246 
Korea (Rep. of)19940.311359364299842 
Korea (Rep. of)19930.249946522805325 
Korea (Rep. of)19920.0984043370590207 
Korea (Rep. of)19910.0461244347306385 
Korea (Rep. of)19900.0232650923969655 
South Africa201449 
South Africa201346.5 
South Africa201241 
South Africa201133.974
South Africa201024 
South Africa200910 
South Africa20088.43 


1 - Commercially not available. Local Intranet available in country.
2 - Population age 3+.
3 - In the last month. Population age 3+.
4 - Population age 5+.

World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database

Source:  International Telecommunications Union

ITU's World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database is the main source of global, and internationally comparable, telecommunication/ICT statistics. It includes time series for more than 140 indicators and around 200 economies. The data are collected directly from telecommunication regulatory agencies and/or ministries and national statistical offices by means of an annual questionnaire, and subsequently verified, harmonized and complemented by ITU.

The data are disseminated online, via CD Rom and through numerous ITU publications, including the Yearbook of Statistics and the Measuring the Information Society Report. The statistics are used to track and benchmark the Information Society, to monitor the digital divide and to identify market potential and investment opportunities. They are an indispensable tool for policy makers in the area of ICT for development.

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