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Source: UIS Data Centre | UNESCO Institute for Statistics

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Reference AreaTime PeriodSexAge groupUnits of measurementObservation Value
British Virgin Islands2001Not applicableNot applicableNumber48.4331864193345
British Virgin Islands2002Not applicableNot applicableNumber47.6508148289336
British Virgin Islands2003Not applicableNot applicableNumber46.5397682319542
British Virgin Islands2004Not applicableNot applicableNumber46.0914454277286
Cayman Islands2000Not applicableNot applicableNumber49.0172050389687
Cayman Islands2001Not applicableNot applicableNumber47.7304185957711
Cayman Islands2002Not applicableNot applicableNumber46.504057479015
Cayman Islands2003Not applicableNot applicableNumber45.3031916098489
Cayman Islands2004Not applicableNot applicableNumber45.2079566003617
Cook Islands2001Not applicableNot applicableNumber51.0568773613806
Cook Islands2002Not applicableNot applicableNumber50.8026823816298
Cook Islands2003Not applicableNot applicableNumber50.5484506899864
Cook Islands2004Not applicableNot applicableNumber50.2967508298964
Georgia1996Not applicableNot applicableNumber0.201871347390308
Georgia2001Not applicableNot applicableNumber3.64352364743293
Georgia2002Not applicableNot applicableNumber4.11822603295404
Georgia2003Not applicableNot applicableNumber3.28670017055783
Georgia2004Not applicableNot applicableNumber1.99248037904947
Marshall Islands2000Not applicableNot applicableNumber0
Marshall Islands2001Not applicableNot applicableNumber0
Marshall Islands2002Not applicableNot applicableNumber0
Marshall Islands2003Not applicableNot applicableNumber0
Marshall Islands2004Not applicableNot applicableNumber0
Solomon Islands2001Not applicableNot applicableNumber2.34400088134433
Solomon Islands2002Not applicableNot applicableNumber2.28341260580763
Solomon Islands2003Not applicableNot applicableNumber2.22537731272337
Solomon Islands2004Not applicableNot applicableNumber2.16985635550927
South Africa1996Not applicableNot applicableNumber0.400932616434369
South Africa1997Not applicableNot applicableNumber0.393192814701988
South Africa1998Not applicableNot applicableNumber0.386281648083831
South Africa1999Not applicableNot applicableNumber0.402427559294515
South Africa2000Not applicableNot applicableNumber0.352436259699707
South Africa2001Not applicableNot applicableNumber0.369427477159549
South Africa2002Not applicableNot applicableNumber0.3864252750983
South Africa2003Not applicableNot applicableNumber0.382256778612546
South Africa2004Not applicableNot applicableNumber0.378621156403667

UIS Data Centre

Source:  UNESCO Institute for Statistics

The UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) provides UNdata with a subset of the more than 1,000 indicators which may be found in the UIS Data Centre.

The UIS Data Centre contains indicators and raw data on education, literacy, science, culture and communication. The UIS collects these data from more than 200 countries and international organizations.

The UIS is the primary data source of education, literacy and science data for leading publications and databases, such as:

  • Education For All Global Monitoring Report
  • World Development Indicators
  • Human Development Report
  • State of the World’s Children and many others.

The Data Centre provides free access to:

  • The Institute’s databases and survey instruments
  • Country profiles
  • Tools to build your own statistical tables
  • Related documentation and metadata.
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