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Mobile-cellular telephone subscriptions per 100 inhabitantsGo toSearch glossaries

Source: World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database | International Telecommunications Union

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Country or AreaYearValue 
Cayman Islands2014153.74835376355 
Cayman Islands2013167.769316334389 
Cayman Islands2012171.676220253604 
Cayman Islands2011170.981078072826 
Cayman Islands2010181.174223999712 
Cayman Islands2009200.274527867342 
Cayman Islands2008185.804732385848 
Cayman Islands2007197.188762822505 
Cayman Islands2006185.021788669892 
Cayman Islands2005166.474713612899 
Cayman Islands200471.4602845726125 
Cayman Islands200345.7073340285019 
Cayman Islands200242.4656921907827 
Cayman Islands200139.2455617886742 
Cayman Islands200025.6687057694614 
Cayman Islands199921.1253453906054 
Cayman Islands199813.6982671824493 
Cayman Islands199711.5434318462749 
Cayman Islands19958.00075776711291 
Cayman Islands19946.03227416403261 
Cayman Islands19934.39759877146447 
Cayman Islands19923.60557623531129 
Cayman Islands19912.13269238106139 
Cayman Islands19900 
Cayman Islands19860 
Cayman Islands19850 
Cayman Islands19840 
Cayman Islands19830 
Cayman Islands19820 
Cayman Islands19810 
Cayman Islands19800 
Cayman Islands19790 
Cayman Islands19780 
Cayman Islands19770 
Cayman Islands19760 
Cayman Islands19750 
Cayman Islands19700 
Cayman Islands19650 
Cayman Islands19600 
Faroe Islands2014124.116457743631 
Faroe Islands2013120.681639006246 
Faroe Islands2012118.615925342383 
Faroe Islands2011118.009727351618 
Faroe Islands2010119.896734636252 
Faroe Islands2009114.905241935484 
Faroe Islands2008110.602608818371 
Faroe Islands2007105.27707147758 
Faroe Islands2006101.115068604039 
Faroe Islands200585.5056248347133 
Faroe Islands200484.6582755934566 

World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database

Source:  International Telecommunications Union

ITU's World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database is the main source of global, and internationally comparable, telecommunication/ICT statistics. It includes time series for more than 140 indicators and around 200 economies. The data are collected directly from telecommunication regulatory agencies and/or ministries and national statistical offices by means of an annual questionnaire, and subsequently verified, harmonized and complemented by ITU.

The data are disseminated online, via CD Rom and through numerous ITU publications, including the Yearbook of Statistics and the Measuring the Information Society Report. The statistics are used to track and benchmark the Information Society, to monitor the digital divide and to identify market potential and investment opportunities. They are an indispensable tool for policy makers in the area of ICT for development.

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