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Mobile-cellular telephone subscriptions per 100 inhabitantsGo toSearch glossaries

Source: World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database | International Telecommunications Union

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Country or AreaYearValue 
South Africa2014149.193517488526 
South Africa2013145.644021264917 
South Africa2012130.557981992108 
South Africa2011123.197654409058 
South Africa201097.900286463095 
South Africa200991.2486087760702 
South Africa200889.5210836873329 
South Africa200785.2774818378116 
South Africa200681.0762872015555 
South Africa200570.4047955261636 
South Africa200443.8226590211664 
South Africa200335.9725830030015 
South Africa200229.6658463489293 
South Africa200123.7008076137532 
South Africa200018.5946278806678 
South Africa199911.7386480960107 
South Africa19987.66099950904862 
South Africa19974.27906385736025 
South Africa19962.2580775021957 
South Africa19951.29143421856522 
South Africa19940.83822759634588 
South Africa19930.100950203889127 
South Africa19920.0323676811265423 
South Africa19910.0188360778913738 
South Africa19900.0154375135384004 
South Africa19890.0110664563224347 
South Africa19880 
South Africa19870 
South Africa19860 
South Africa19850 
South Africa19840 
South Africa19830 
South Africa19820 
South Africa19810 
South Africa19800 
South Africa19790 
South Africa19780 
South Africa19770 
South Africa19760 
South Africa19750 
South Africa19700 
South Africa19650 
South Africa19600 

World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database

Source:  International Telecommunications Union

ITU's World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database is the main source of global, and internationally comparable, telecommunication/ICT statistics. It includes time series for more than 140 indicators and around 200 economies. The data are collected directly from telecommunication regulatory agencies and/or ministries and national statistical offices by means of an annual questionnaire, and subsequently verified, harmonized and complemented by ITU.

The data are disseminated online, via CD Rom and through numerous ITU publications, including the Yearbook of Statistics and the Measuring the Information Society Report. The statistics are used to track and benchmark the Information Society, to monitor the digital divide and to identify market potential and investment opportunities. They are an indispensable tool for policy makers in the area of ICT for development.

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