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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Morocco2018Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailImport15,6331,659Weight in kilograms1,659
Morocco2018Yarn spun from silk waste, not retailImport3606Weight in kilograms6
Morocco2018Yarn spun from silk waste, not retailExport651Weight in kilograms1
Morocco2018Silk yarn retail, silk worm gutImport232,7935,637Weight in kilograms5,637
Morocco2018Woven fabric of noil silkImport15,028157Weight in kilograms157
Morocco2018Woven fabric of noil silkExport11,401234Weight in kilograms234
Morocco2018Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import4,042,33029,700Weight in kilograms29,700
Morocco2018Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Export15,57843Weight in kilograms43
Morocco2018Woven fabric of silk, nesImport753,3004,235Weight in kilograms4,235
Morocco2018Woven fabric of silk, nesExport20,7622,725Weight in kilograms2,725
Morocco2017Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailImport45,3933,188Weight in kilograms3,188
Morocco2017Yarn spun from silk waste, not retailImport1,83821Weight in kilograms21
Morocco2017Silk yarn retail, silk worm gutImport359,8678,902Weight in kilograms8,902
Morocco2017Woven fabric of noil silkImport12,682243Weight in kilograms243
Morocco2017Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import4,636,71849,106Weight in kilograms49,106
Morocco2017Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Export8,86222Weight in kilograms22
Morocco2017Woven fabric of silk, nesImport871,1989,694Weight in kilograms9,694
Morocco2017Woven fabric of silk, nesExport21,47098Weight in kilograms98
Morocco2016Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailImport33,0741,178Weight in kilograms1,178
Morocco2016Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailExport21465Weight in kilograms65
Morocco2016Silk yarn retail, silk worm gutImport247,9006,782Weight in kilograms6,782
Morocco2016Woven fabric of noil silkImport21,352132Weight in kilograms132
Morocco2016Woven fabric of noil silkExport17,74333Weight in kilograms33
Morocco2016Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import5,859,91762,061Weight in kilograms62,061
Morocco2016Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Export76,969374Weight in kilograms374
Morocco2016Woven fabric of silk, nesImport643,0024,769Weight in kilograms4,769
Morocco2016Woven fabric of silk, nesExport22,070119Weight in kilograms119
Morocco2015Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailImport210,3426,554Weight in kilograms6,554
Morocco2015Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailExport717350Weight in kilograms350
Morocco2015Yarn spun from silk waste, not retailImport12330Weight in kilograms30
Morocco2015Silk yarn retail, silk worm gutImport6,7781,616Weight in kilograms1,616
Morocco2015Silk yarn retail, silk worm gutExport15670Weight in kilograms70
Morocco2015Woven fabric of noil silkImport161,1481,383Weight in kilograms1,383
Morocco2015Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import6,075,39955,566Weight in kilograms55,566
Morocco2015Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Export115,287257Weight in kilograms257
Morocco2015Woven fabric of silk, nesImport1,218,95310,570Weight in kilograms10,570
Morocco2015Woven fabric of silk, nesExport36,389195Weight in kilograms195
Morocco2014Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailImport322,7938,998Weight in kilograms8,998
Morocco2014Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailExport280Weight in kilograms0
Morocco2014Silk yarn retail, silk worm gutImport11,617341Weight in kilograms341
Morocco2014Woven fabric of noil silkImport170,0911,810Weight in kilograms1,810
Morocco2014Woven fabric of noil silkExport17,184548Weight in kilograms548
Morocco2014Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Import9,934,835100,997Weight in kilograms100,997
Morocco2014Woven fabric >85% silk (except noil silk)Export104,191203Weight in kilograms203
Morocco2014Woven fabric of silk, nesImport1,167,4539,757Weight in kilograms9,757
Morocco2014Woven fabric of silk, nesExport34,1431,127Weight in kilograms1,127
Morocco2013Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailImport118,1893,399Weight in kilograms3,399
Morocco2013Silk yarn (except from waste) not retailExport2111Weight in kilograms1
Morocco2013Yarn spun from silk waste, not retailExport2186Weight in kilograms6
Morocco2013Silk yarn retail, silk worm gutImport1831Weight in kilograms1

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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