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Source: Commodity Trade Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division

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Country or AreaYearCommodityFlowTrade (USD)Weight (kg)Quantity NameQuantity
Morocco2017Bovine cuts boneless, fresh or chilledImport28640Weight in kilograms40
Morocco2017Bovine carcasses and half carcasses, frozenImport15,851,8533,427,549Weight in kilograms3,427,549
Morocco2017Bovine cuts bone in, frozenImport27,3896,664Weight in kilograms6,664
Morocco2017Bovine cuts bone in, frozenExport43,0972,272Weight in kilograms2,272
Morocco2017Bovine cuts boneless, frozenImport11,732,0982,534,434Weight in kilograms2,534,434
Morocco2017Bovine cuts boneless, frozenExport221,33550,367Weight in kilograms50,367
Morocco2017Swine carcasses and half carcasses, fresh or chilledImport13312Weight in kilograms12
Morocco2017Swine cuts, fresh or chilled, nesImport2,208177Weight in kilograms177
Morocco2017Hams, shoulders and cuts, of swine, bone in, frozenImport191,07778,379Weight in kilograms78,379
Morocco2017Swine cuts, frozen nesImport76,99923,089Weight in kilograms23,089
Morocco2017Lamb carcasses and half carcasses, frozenImport100,20315,831Weight in kilograms15,831
Morocco2017Sheep cuts, bone in, frozenImport67,89213,357Weight in kilograms13,357
Morocco2017Sheep cuts, bone in, frozenExport18,5843,173Weight in kilograms3,173
Morocco2017Bovine edible offal, fresh or chilledExport38,2319,720Weight in kilograms9,720
Morocco2017Bovine livers, frozenImport36,70823,928Weight in kilograms23,928
Morocco2017Bovine edible offal, frozen except livers and tonguesImport29,13512,050Weight in kilograms12,050
Morocco2017Swine edible offal, frozen except liversImport829530Weight in kilograms530
Morocco2017Sheep, goat, ass, mule, hinnie edible offal, frozenImport4727Weight in kilograms27
Morocco2017Poultry, domestic, whole, fresh or chilledExport13,7971,200Weight in kilograms1,200
Morocco2017Fowls, domestic, whole, frozenImport37,03816,858Weight in kilograms16,858
Morocco2017Ducks, geese and guinea fowls, domestic, whole, frozeImport14,8123,834Weight in kilograms3,834
Morocco2017Fowl cuts & offal, domestic, except livers, frozenImport839,635387,494Weight in kilograms387,494
Morocco2017Fowl cuts & offal, domestic, except livers, frozenExport276,480222,911Weight in kilograms222,911
Morocco2017Turkey cuts & offal, except livers, frozenExport540,410527,960Weight in kilograms527,960
Morocco2017Duck, goose, guinea fowl cuts, offal not liver, frozeImport59936Weight in kilograms36
Morocco2017Duck, goose, guinea fowl cuts, offal not liver, frozeExport127,5819,849Weight in kilograms9,849
Morocco2017Rabbit or hare meat, offal, fresh, chilled or frozenImport20,4775,484Weight in kilograms5,484
Morocco2017Meat and edible offal nes fresh, chilled or frozenImport1,381,588308,149Weight in kilograms308,149
Morocco2017Pig and poultry fat, unrenderedImport50,00341,063Weight in kilograms41,063
Morocco2017Pig and poultry fat, unrenderedExport322241Weight in kilograms241
Morocco2017Hams and shoulders, swine, salted, dried or smokedImport49,5084,440Weight in kilograms4,440
Morocco2017Bellies (streaky) of swine, salted, dried or smokedImport129,84922,782Weight in kilograms22,782
Morocco2017Swine meat, salted/dried/smoked not ham/shoulder/bellImport26,6105,574Weight in kilograms5,574
Morocco2017Bovine meat salted, dried or smokedImport5,237378Weight in kilograms378
Morocco2016Bovine cuts boneless, fresh or chilledImport1,50151Weight in kilograms51
Morocco2016Bovine carcasses and half carcasses, frozenImport24,465,8635,291,044Weight in kilograms5,291,044
Morocco2016Bovine cuts bone in, frozenImport52,73513,033Weight in kilograms13,033
Morocco2016Bovine cuts bone in, frozenExport12,086954Weight in kilograms954
Morocco2016Bovine cuts boneless, frozenImport10,227,5962,298,366Weight in kilograms2,298,366
Morocco2016Bovine cuts boneless, frozenExport409,79799,092Weight in kilograms99,092
Morocco2016Swine hams, shoulders & cuts bone in, fresh or chilleImport2,335139Weight in kilograms139
Morocco2016Swine cuts, fresh or chilled, nesImport2,764249Weight in kilograms249
Morocco2016Hams, shoulders and cuts, of swine, bone in, frozenImport167,48990,622Weight in kilograms90,622
Morocco2016Hams, shoulders and cuts, of swine, bone in, frozenExport796130Weight in kilograms130
Morocco2016Swine cuts, frozen nesImport80,80632,879Weight in kilograms32,879
Morocco2016Sheep cuts, boneless, fresh or chilledExport1,350149Weight in kilograms149
Morocco2016Lamb carcasses and half carcasses, frozenImport77,05815,123Weight in kilograms15,123
Morocco2016Lamb carcasses and half carcasses, frozenExport8,306803Weight in kilograms803
Morocco2016Sheep cuts, bone in, frozenImport95,64124,891Weight in kilograms24,891
Morocco2016Sheep cuts, bone in, frozenExport6,4691,118Weight in kilograms1,118

Commodity Trade Statistics Database

Source:  United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade) stores more than 1 billion trade data records from 1962. Over 140 reporter countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics detailed by commodities and partner countries. These data are subsequently transformed into the United Nations Statistics Division standard format with consistent coding and valuation using the UN/OECD CoprA internal processing system.

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