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Country or AreaCommodity - TransactionYearUnitQuantity 
KosovoFuelwood - Production2019Cubic metres, thousand1,463 
KosovoFuelwood - Production2018Cubic metres, thousand1,687 
KosovoFuelwood - Production2017Cubic metres, thousand1,675 
KosovoFuelwood - Production2016Cubic metres, thousand1,623 
KosovoFuelwood - Production2015Cubic metres, thousand1,174 
KosovoFuelwood - Production2014Cubic metres, thousand1,143 
KosovoFuelwood - Production2013Cubic metres, thousand1,138 
KosovoFuelwood - Production2012Cubic metres, thousand1,120 
KosovoFuelwood - Production2011Cubic metres, thousand1,102 
KosovoFuelwood - Production2010Cubic metres, thousand1,078 
KosovoFuelwood - Production2009Cubic metres, thousand1,071 
KosovoFuelwood - Production2008Cubic metres, thousand1,059 
KosovoFuelwood - Production2007Cubic metres, thousand763 
KosovoFuelwood - Production2006Cubic metres, thousand763 
KosovoFuelwood - Production2005Cubic metres, thousand763 
KosovoFuelwood - Production2004Cubic metres, thousand763 
KosovoFuelwood - Production2003Cubic metres, thousand763 
KosovoFuelwood - Production2002Cubic metres, thousand759 
KosovoFuelwood - Production2001Cubic metres, thousand754 
KosovoFuelwood - Production2000Cubic metres, thousand747 
KosovoFuelwood - Imports2019Cubic metres, thousand256 
KosovoFuelwood - Imports2018Cubic metres, thousand42 
KosovoFuelwood - Imports2017Cubic metres, thousand26 
KosovoFuelwood - Imports2016Cubic metres, thousand54 
KosovoFuelwood - Imports2015Cubic metres, thousand34 
KosovoFuelwood - Imports2014Cubic metres, thousand11 
KosovoFuelwood - Imports2013Cubic metres, thousand3 
KosovoFuelwood - Imports2012Cubic metres, thousand16 
KosovoFuelwood - Imports2011Cubic metres, thousand7 
KosovoFuelwood - Imports2010Cubic metres, thousand6 
KosovoFuelwood - Imports2009Cubic metres, thousand5 
KosovoFuelwood - Imports2008Cubic metres, thousand9 
KosovoFuelwood - Imports2007Cubic metres, thousand229 
KosovoFuelwood - Imports2006Cubic metres, thousand229 
KosovoFuelwood - Imports2005Cubic metres, thousand229 
KosovoFuelwood - Imports2004Cubic metres, thousand229 
KosovoFuelwood - Imports2003Cubic metres, thousand229 
KosovoFuelwood - Imports2002Cubic metres, thousand228 
KosovoFuelwood - Imports2001Cubic metres, thousand226 
KosovoFuelwood - Imports2000Cubic metres, thousand224 
KosovoFuelwood - Exports2019Cubic metres, thousand0 
KosovoFuelwood - Exports2018Cubic metres, thousand0 
KosovoFuelwood - Exports2017Cubic metres, thousand1 
KosovoFuelwood - Exports2016Cubic metres, thousand0 
KosovoFuelwood - Exports2015Cubic metres, thousand1 
KosovoFuelwood - Exports2014Cubic metres, thousand2 
KosovoFuelwood - Exports2013Cubic metres, thousand6 
KosovoFuelwood - Exports2012Cubic metres, thousand2 
KosovoFuelwood - Final energy consumption2019Cubic metres, thousand1,718 
KosovoFuelwood - Final energy consumption2018Cubic metres, thousand1,729 


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