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Country or AreaCurrencyISIC Rev 3YearMeasureValue 
AustriaEuros1920 Footwear2008Value added at factor values109000000 
AustriaEuros1920 Footwear2007Value added at factor values82000000 
AzerbaijanManat1920 Footwear2009Value added at factor values2813000 
AzerbaijanManat1920 Footwear2008Value added at factor values552000 
AzerbaijanManat1920 Footwear2007Value added at factor values1253000 
BelgiumEuros1920 Footwear2008Value added at factor values16000000 
BelgiumEuros1920 Footwear2007Value added at factor values19000000 
BrazilReais1920 Footwear2007Value added at factor values7246815000 
CanadaDollars1920 Footwear2008Value added (valuation not defined)118478000 
CanadaDollars1920 Footwear2007Value added (valuation not defined)139278000 
ChilePesos1920 Footwear2008Value added (valuation not defined)94544742190 
ChilePesos1920 Footwear2007Value added (valuation not defined)91277851560 
ChinaYuan1920 Footwear2007Value added at producers’ prices98007000000 
ColombiaPesos1920 Footwear2011Value added at factor values437022006000 
ColombiaPesos1920 Footwear2010Value added at factor values372350095000 
ColombiaPesos1920 Footwear2009Value added at factor values361216626000 
ColombiaPesos1920 Footwear2008Value added at factor values342273445000 
ColombiaPesos1920 Footwear2007Value added at factor values362496357000 
CyprusEuros1920 Footwear2007Value added at producers’ prices3949000 
Czech RepublicKoruny1920 Footwear2007Value added at factor values1166000000 
EcuadorUS Dollars1920 Footwear2008Value added at producers’ prices28972000 
EcuadorUS Dollars1920 Footwear2007Value added at producers’ prices26673000 
EritreaNakfa1920 Footwear2011Value added at producers’ prices37696460 
EritreaNakfa1920 Footwear2010Value added at producers’ prices38901000 
EritreaNakfa1920 Footwear2009Value added at producers’ prices38273000 
EritreaNakfa1920 Footwear2008Value added at producers’ prices34097000 
EritreaNakfa1920 Footwear2007Value added at producers’ prices31162000 
EstoniaEuros1920 Footwear2007Value added at factor values8270167 
EthiopiaBirr1920 Footwear2009Value added at producers’ prices160528000 
EthiopiaBirr1920 Footwear2008Value added at producers’ prices146083000 
EthiopiaBirr1920 Footwear2007Value added at producers’ prices109374000 
FinlandEuros1920 Footwear2008Value added at factor values67000000 
FinlandEuros1920 Footwear2007Value added at factor values65000000 
FranceEuros1920 Footwear2008Value added at factor values376000000 
FranceEuros1920 Footwear2007Value added at factor values379000000 
GeorgiaLari1920 Footwear2011Value added (valuation not defined)4299000 
GeorgiaLari1920 Footwear2010Value added (valuation not defined)1642500 
GeorgiaLari1920 Footwear2009Value added (valuation not defined)911500 
GeorgiaLari1920 Footwear2008Value added (valuation not defined)375000 
GeorgiaLari1920 Footwear2007Value added (valuation not defined)2105100 
GermanyEuros1920 Footwear2008Value added at factor values494000000 
GermanyEuros1920 Footwear2007Value added at factor values567000000 
GreeceEuros1920 Footwear2007Value added at factor values109000000 
HungaryForints1920 Footwear2008Value added at factor values13808000000 
HungaryForints1920 Footwear2007Value added at factor values14754000000 
IndiaRupees1920 Footwear2007Value added at producers’ prices20540600000 
IndonesiaRupiahs1920 Footwear2009Value added at factor values12345824037000 
IndonesiaRupiahs1920 Footwear2008Value added at factor values11585361389000 
IndonesiaRupiahs1920 Footwear2007Value added at factor values8480456000000 
Iran (Islamic Republic of)Rials1920 Footwear2010Value added at producers’ prices528228000000 


Source:  United Nations Industrial Development Organization

INDSTAT4-Rev.3 contains time series data on five selected data items for the period covering 2007 - 2011. The data are arranged at the 3- and 4-digit level of ISIC (Revision 3) pertaining to the manufacturing sector, which comprises 151 manufacturing categories.

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