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Country or AreaCurrencyISIC Rev 3YearMeasureValue 
ArmeniaDrams2922 Machine tools2008Output at producers’ prices2818000000 
ArmeniaDrams2922 Machine tools2007Output at producers’ prices3002000000 
AustraliaDollars2922 Machine tools2011Output (valuation not defined)1104000000 
AustraliaDollars2922 Machine tools2010Output (valuation not defined)928000000 
AustraliaDollars2922 Machine tools2009Output (valuation not defined)1103000000 
AustraliaDollars2922 Machine tools2008Output (valuation not defined)873000000 
AustraliaDollars2922 Machine tools2007Output (valuation not defined)934000000 
AustriaEuros2922 Machine tools2008Output (valuation not defined)1954000000 
AustriaEuros2922 Machine tools2007Output (valuation not defined)1661000000 
AzerbaijanManat2922 Machine tools2009Output at factor values701000 
AzerbaijanManat2922 Machine tools2008Output at factor values1453000 
AzerbaijanManat2922 Machine tools2007Output at factor values905000 
BelgiumEuros2922 Machine tools2008Output (valuation not defined)464000000 
BelgiumEuros2922 Machine tools2007Output (valuation not defined)419000000 
BulgariaLeva2922 Machine tools2007Output (valuation not defined)275000000 
CanadaDollars2922 Machine tools2008Output (valuation not defined)3078198000 
CanadaDollars2922 Machine tools2007Output (valuation not defined)3369083000 
ChinaYuan2922 Machine tools2011Output at producers’ prices432266656000 
ChinaYuan2922 Machine tools2010Output at producers’ prices364924000000 
ChinaYuan2922 Machine tools2009Output at producers’ prices268811000000 
ChinaYuan2922 Machine tools2008Output at producers’ prices247525000000 
ChinaYuan2922 Machine tools2007Output at producers’ prices210436000000 
ColombiaPesos2922 Machine tools2011Output at factor values41184828000 
ColombiaPesos2922 Machine tools2010Output at factor values41258295000 
ColombiaPesos2922 Machine tools2009Output at factor values26655846000 
ColombiaPesos2922 Machine tools2008Output at factor values36191740000 
ColombiaPesos2922 Machine tools2007Output at factor values22553465000 
CyprusEuros2922 Machine tools2007Output at producers’ prices210000 
Czech RepublicKoruny2922 Machine tools2007Output (valuation not defined)31600000000 
DenmarkKroner2922 Machine tools2008Output (valuation not defined)2423200000 
DenmarkKroner2922 Machine tools2007Output (valuation not defined)2465000000 
EcuadorUS Dollars2922 Machine tools2008Output at producers’ prices5555000 
EcuadorUS Dollars2922 Machine tools2007Output at producers’ prices5062000 
EritreaNakfa2922 Machine tools2011Output at producers’ prices0 
EritreaNakfa2922 Machine tools2010Output at producers’ prices0 
EritreaNakfa2922 Machine tools2009Output at producers’ prices0 
EritreaNakfa2922 Machine tools2008Output at producers’ prices0 
EritreaNakfa2922 Machine tools2007Output at producers’ prices0 
EstoniaEuros2922 Machine tools2007Output (valuation not defined)25762786 
EthiopiaBirr2922 Machine tools2009Output at producers’ prices0 
EthiopiaBirr2922 Machine tools2008Output at producers’ prices0 
EthiopiaBirr2922 Machine tools2007Output at producers’ prices0 
FinlandEuros2922 Machine tools2008Output (valuation not defined)691000000 
FinlandEuros2922 Machine tools2007Output (valuation not defined)661000000 
FranceEuros2922 Machine tools2008Output (valuation not defined)2343000000 
FranceEuros2922 Machine tools2007Output (valuation not defined)2367000000 
GeorgiaLari2922 Machine tools2011Output (valuation not defined)1610018 
GeorgiaLari2922 Machine tools2010Output (valuation not defined)370000 
GeorgiaLari2922 Machine tools2009Output (valuation not defined)192900 
GeorgiaLari2922 Machine tools2007Output (valuation not defined)2453800 


Source:  United Nations Industrial Development Organization

INDSTAT4-Rev.3 contains time series data on five selected data items for the period covering 2007 - 2011. The data are arranged at the 3- and 4-digit level of ISIC (Revision 3) pertaining to the manufacturing sector, which comprises 151 manufacturing categories.

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